Channel History - Achaea Online Help

3.7.5 Channel History


Channel History is available to all on Newbie, Deathsight, and Market channels
if they have access to those channels normally. Simply HISTORY MARKET, HISTORY
DEATHSIGHT, or HISTORY NEWBIE and you will see the last 60 messages on the
channel. This could include messages from before you were present in the

Some cities may have chosen to acquire history for their CT, in which case
HISTORY CT will work. The same goes for Houses, in which case HISTORY HT and
HISTORY HNT will both work and provide two different channel histories.

Clans, Orders, and Oakstone may also have history.

It is also possible to specify the number of lines of history you would like to
see. For example HISTORY CT 15 would show only the last 15 lines in the channel

A Quicker Way to View History, Maybe
HISTORY <anyorgname> will also work if you are a member of that org, and
the org has paid for channel history.

How To Get History
Any organisation that wishes to activate history must simply notify Tecton 
via message and prepare to pay half a million gold (that's five hundred
thousand gold). The process generally only takes a few moments.

For Houses, a single fee of half a million gold gives both HT and HNT history.

HISTORY only records things said by adventurers on the prime material plane,
plus Immortals, whose precise location transcends such designations in any

Those who are astralformed, blackwinded, phased, off of the prime material
plane, otherwise unable to use the channel, or have it disabled, will be unable
to review their organisation's history.

You should not be able to see historical entries from people you have ignored.

Tell History
You can check the history of tells that you have received using the TELLS
command. This will list a brief list of the last twenty tells. You should use
SHOWTELL (#) to see the full message of a specific tell.

Personal History
Adventurers are able to write their own histories about their personal lives.
For more information on this see HELP BACKGROUND.