CONCOCTIONS - Achaea Online Help


Concoctions is the art of combining knowledge of various plants and other
ingredients with a bit of earth magic. The result is a series of concoctions
with various purposes, ranging from healing, to levitation, to protection
against certain types of damage.

Before you can make any concoctions, you must obtain the ingredients. You can
either purchase them from other players or, in some cases, denizens, or you
must gain the HARVESTING ability in Groves or Woodlore, which will permit you
to harvest most of the ingredients yourself. 

Initially, you will only be able to make elixirs. To make an elixir, you will
first have to obtain a pot. Then, you will collect the proper ingredients for
what you are trying to concoct, and INPOT <#> <ingredient> IN <pot> for each
ingredient. You may concoct multiple batches of an elixir at once. Simply
multiply the number of each ingredient by the number of batches you want up to
forty batches.

Once you have all the ingredients in the pot, put it on the ground and
BOIL <pot> FOR <elixir>. After a couple of minutes, the mixture will stop
boiling, and you will either have an empty pot or an elixir. Probing your pot
will give you this information. If you were successful, you may

   FILL vial FROM pot [# TIMES]

NOTE: Vials can hold more than one filling, so try FILL vial FROM pot
multiple times to fill your vials to the brim, or use # TIMEs, as in

   FILL vial FROM pot 3 TIMES

                non-trans    trans       total
                refiller     refiller    sips max

non-arte vial     40           50         200
artefact vial     80          120         240

Two factors combine to determine whether or not you are successful at your
concoction: your skill in concoctions, and the difficulty of the particular
concoction you are attempting to create.

Increased level of skill in concoctions gives insights into the subtlest
implications of the art, so that concoctionists enjoy greater benefits when
using those same concoctions (for example, sipping mana or health). This
benefit is in direct proportion to the level of skill attained.