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12.3.5 Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars

Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars, was a city established before the days of
Nicator and Seleucar, but after the founding of Ashtan and Shallam. Like
Seleucar, it was formed by refugees sick of the endless Ashtan/Shallam Wars.
Cyrene's citizens kept its existence a secret by never venturing back to the
cities from whence they had come.

When the 'Other' threatened the existence of Sapience, bringing freezing cold
and snow to our entire world, a blue dragon, long thought to be extinct, came
out of the highest mountains of the Vashnars and descended upon Cyrene.
Ainghaeal began terrorizing the citizens, eating those unfortunate souls that
were in his path. Lord Sarapis, when he split Achaea and cast out the 'Other',
caused earthquakes so great that the secret tunnels through the Southern
Vashnars to Cyrene crumbled. The citizens of Cyrene leading a predominantly
passive lifestyle, not knowing what to do, called out for help. Their combined
cries were heard by all of Sapience.  Quickly, warriors formed hunting groups
and ran to the source of these cries for assistance.  Ainghaeal was slain by
these fearless warriors. Cyrene, now revealed to the world, had lost its entire
governing body and sought a new leader. The citizens quietly approached Lady
Czanthria, several of them remembering her from their time in Shallam as a
fair, but stoic leader and asked her to be their new Imperiate.

Cyrene was re-founded on the principle of respect for others. There are still
those that come to Cyrene to get away from the fighting ways of the other
cities. The Houses strongly defend their city and their beliefs.  Often
considered to sit upon a fence, Cyrene's citizens are free to follow
neutral-good paths. Those found to be evil, dark, or chaotic are not welcome.

Cyrene is home to four glorious Houses: the Wardens, the city's principal
defenders; the Mojushai, a conclave guided by beliefs of humility, benevolence,
and strength; the Arcane Kindred, a close-knit community of like-minded people
united in their study of the Arcane; and Ty Beirdd, a collection of artists,
poets, and performers in the high Scarlattan tradition.

Cyrene is located in a valley deep in the southwestern Vashnars. Lake Muurn
bounds its southern border, and a river flows west to the ocean through a
cavern inhabited by the monstrosity Khulhedra.  It is rumoured there is a
secret tunnel to the Aalen in these caverns, if one is bold enough to seek it