Emotes and Emotions - Achaea Online Help

18.7 Emotes and Emotions


To see what any of these emotes look like, simply SHOWEMOTE <emote>.

1tear         ace           ack           adulate
advance       agree         ah            aha
ahem          ahoy          alarm         amok
apologise     applaud       argh          aroo
aroo?         avoid         aww           aye

babble        back          backhand      backoff
bah           bare          bark          beam
bearhug       beckon        beg           belch
bellypoke     bibble        bigwink       bird
bitchslap     bitekiss      bitethumb     bkiss
blanch        blankstare    bleat         bleh
blink         blow          blubber       blush
boast         boggle        bollocks      boo
boogie        bounce        bow           brace
brag          brandish      bravo         bray
brb           bringiton     bristle       brush
buff          bugeye        bugger        bumphips
burp          buzz          bye

cackle        caper         caress        cartwheel
catcall       cautious      cavort        chant
cheer         cheers        chin          chinlift
chortle       chuckle       clampteeth    clap
clear         clearmind     clook         collapse
comfort       concerned     console       contemplate
contempt      contentsigh   convulse      coo 
cool          cough         covereyes     cower
crazy         cringe        crookedsmile  crossarms
cry           cuddle        cuff          cupcheek
curious       curse         curtsey       cya           

damn          dance         daydream      deadfaint
deepkiss      defy          deny          despair
determined    disapprove    disgust       dismay 
dmiss         doff          doh           done 
doomed        dour          dramaqueen    dread
dribble       drool         drunkdance    dsmile 
duck          dude          dude!         dude?  
dudenod       dudette       duh           dust

earlick       edge          eek           eep
egads         egg           eh            elbow
embrace       envy          erk           erm
eskiss        evil          evilgrin      eww
exasperated   excellent     eye           eyekiss

facepalm      faint         fan           fart
fawn          fhkiss        fidget        fine
fingercross   flap          flee          flex
flip          flirt         flit          flop 
flutter       foetal        fondle        footrub
fran          fret          frolic        frown
fume          furious       furrow

gag           gah           gambol        gan
gape          gasp          gaze          gazeout
g'donya       gear          gentlehands   gentlespin
gibber        giddy         giggle        giggleblush
gigglefall    glare         glee          gloat
glower        gnash         goats         good
goodnight     gotohell      gotohelldie   grab
greed         greet         grimace       grin
grinbroad     gripe         groan         grope
gross         grouch        grouse        grovel
growl         grr           grumble       grump
grumpy        grunt         guesswho      guffaw

ha            haha          hairstroke    halfsalute
halfsmile     handkiss      handshake     happygasp
hate          hatestare     headlean      headshake  
heckle        heh           hehe          hello
hex           hhop          hi            hiccup 
hidebehind    highfive      hiss          hmm
hmm?          hmph          hoho          holdhands 
hoot          hop           hope          howl 
hrm           huff          hug           hugbehind 
huh           hum           humblekneel   hurl 

idiot         iknow         incline       innocence
innocent      isee

jeer          jig           jump          

kiss          kisscheek     kneel         knuckles 

lacehand      lalala        lashkiss      laugh
lean          leer          legcling      lick
licknose      lie           linkarm       listen
loathe        lol           longing       love
lovecomfort   lovetoo       lullaby

makeface      massage       meep          meh
melt          meow          mercy         mine
mm            moan          mock          moo
moon          mope          mourn         muhaha
mumble        murmur        mutter        myhero     

nag           narf          narrow        naturelove
nay           neckkiss      nibble        nibblekiss
nice          nicemeet      no            nod
nodcareful    nodl          noogie        nose 
notfair       np            nty           nudge
nuzzle        nvm

offerarm      offerhand     ogle          oh
ohh           ohmaya        ohwell        oi
oink          ok            okay          omg
oneclap       onwards       ooer          ooo
oops          ouch          outrage       ow

pace          pah           panic         pant
pants         paranoia      pardon        pat
pathead       patient       pause         peck
peckl         peckrt        peer          perk
pester        pet           petnice       pff 
pgaze         phew          picknose      piffle
pinch         pinchcheek    pishposh      pity
pkiss         plaugh        playgrowl     plead
please        pnose         point         poke
politebow     ponder        poof          pose
pounce        pout          praise        prance
pray          pride         prod          profane
prostrate     pssh          pstare        puke
punt          puppyeyes     purr          pyro

quack         quail         quake         queasy

raise         raisehand     raisehand!    raisehand?
rally         rasp          rave          really?
recoil        refuse        relief        remindme
resent        respect       restless      retreat
right         riight        roar          rofl
roll          romp          roombow       roomcurtsey
rsmile        rub           rubfoot       rufflehair

sadshake      sadsmile      sagenod       salute
scoff         scold         scorn         scowl
scratch       scream        seal          seethe
serenade      severe        shake         shakefist
shakehands    shame         shameonyou    sheepish
sheesh        shh           shifty        shinkick
shiver        shock         shoo          shriek
shrug         shudder       shuffle       shyaway
shysmile      sigh          sighnod       simper
simplenod     sing          sit           sithands
skip          skulk         slap          sleepylean
slobber       slowdance     slowkiss      slump
smack         sman          smile         smilesoft
smileweak     smirk         smooch        smooth
smug          snan          snap          snarl
sneer         sneeze        snerk         snicker
sniff         sniffle       snigger       snivel
snog          snore         snort         snub
snuffle       snuggle       snuke         sob
softclap      soothe        sorry         sowhat
spank         sparkle       speechless    spit
splutter      squeak        squeal        squeeze
squirm        stagger       stampfoot     standdown
stare         stars         stomp         stretch
stroke        strokecheek   strum         strut
stumble       suck          sulk          super
sure          surprise      suspicious    suure
swagger       sway          swear         swearkneel
sweat         sweet         swoon       

tackle        tacklekiss    tada          tag
takeaim       takehand      tango         tantrum
tap           taunt         tclick        tease    
teehee        tenderkiss    thank         thanks
thelist       think         thought       thrash
threaten      thumbsdown    thumbsup      thump
thwap         tickle        ticklechin    tiptoe        
tired         titter        toast         tongue        
tralala       tremble       tsk           tug           
tugarm        tut           twiddle       twinkle       
twirl         twitch        twitter          

ugh           um            urge          urgh

victory       voices        vomit

waddle        wag           waggle        wahoo
wail          wait          waltz         warble
wasntme       wave          wavehand      wavehi
waveto        weep          welcome       wha?
what          what.         whatever      whee
whew          whimper       whine         whinny
whistle       whocares      why           whyme
wickedgrin    wiggle        wince         wink
winknudge     wither        woe           woohoo
woot          wootwoot      worship       wow
wrestle       wriggle       wry           wtf

yahoo         yarr          yawn          yay!
yay?          yearnsigh     yelp          yes
yo            yodel         yodel!        yodel?
yuck          yum