Gaia, the Wildwood Queen - Achaea Online Help

11.7.6 Gaia, the Wildwood Queen

Born amidst primordiality, Gaia reigns as an ancient manifestation of

Implacable and eternal, She of the untamed wilds exudes omniscience, the roots
of Her influence creeping across the world in silent dominion. With every
footfall of the beast, every twitch of the vine, and every turn of the season
does the world thrum in perfect unison with Her pulse. At Her behest does the
raw, tenacious power of the natural world emanate, precluding the falsities of
iron and stone.

From atop Her verdant throne, the Earthmother guides Creation toward its
ultimate, purified destination: a world ruled by the inclinations of beasts and
the whims of the land itself.