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12.3.2 Hashan, Crown of the Ithmia

Settled within the cold heart of the Ithmian forests, the city-state of Hashan
fully embodies her name as the Crown of the Ithmia. Rising above her humble
beginnings as a small village into a polished metropolis, the Crown is a
city-state of timeless tenacity and fortitude where the diverse interests of
her republic are supported by a unified existence. Hashan remains strong as the
city of Night, serving the interests of no other when her own have not been

Often misunderstood as apathy by those unable to understand the pragmatic
nature of the city, Hashan is distinguished by her independent nature. Under
the famed Great Canon of Hashan, Achaea's first complex legal system, the
well-being and advancement of her citizens remains foremost to allow them the
pursuit of anything they desire within a legacy of resilience and enduring
solidarity. Guided by the combined will of the Night, the Crown allows no
agenda over her own and remains an independent, prospering city.

Housed and protected within her walls lie the defining element of Hashan
itself, that of her city Houses: the ritualistic and mysterious Spirit Walkers
and the honour-bound monks of the Sect of the Black Lotus. With each passing
year, the Crown of the Ithmia continues to display the ability to survive any 
hardship, forging purpose in the face of all adversity as she shines onward into 
the future.