Joining a House - Achaea Online Help

4.25.2 Joining a House


To join a house you have two options. To see which applies, use HOUSE LIST.
You'll see a list something like the following:

Short Name      A  In Which City
--------------  -  -------------
Sentinels       Y  Eleusis
Blacklotus      N  Hashan

If the house you are interested in has a "Y" in the second column of this list,
then that house allows you to join via CERTIMENE. HELP CERTIMENE explains this
in more detail.

If the house you hope to join has a "N" in the second column of the list, then
that house requires you to contact one of its leaders directly. You must find
someone in the leadership of that house who is able to induct you (make you a
member). Use HELP HOUSE <housename> and read under [CURRENTLY IN THE REALM] to
see who is available at that moment to help you join the house.

Contact one of those listed using TELL. For example, if you enter HELP HOUSE
BIGHOUSE and see:

The House of BIGHOUSE
. . .
                    [CURRENTLY IN THE REALM]
        Able to induct: Meelg, Enihs, Wolg, and Thgirb

Then you could try
  TELL Wolg Excuse me: I'd like to join your house. Could you please help?

You are on your way to joining the house of your choice!