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7.22 Leadership, Village Soldiers, and Icon Alchemists

Village Soldiers and Alchemists
Two circumstances allow for the use of the Leadership system:
- When a village allies with a city, and
- When Houses gain Great Icons.

In the case of village alliances, adventurer citizens of that city may
have the opportunity to lead some of the soldiers of the village against
the village's enemies.

In the case of Houses with Great Icons, members of those Houses may also
lead Icon Alchemists in attacking other Houses' Great Icons.

In either case, adventurers must first prove themselves worthy, demonstrating
that they have the leadership skills necessary to command these forces.

Gaining Leadership
1. Go to one of the current sponsors for the challenge:
   - A'leess, Oracle of the Yriluawe, in Aran'riod,
   - Cassandra, the healer-priestess of Vastar, or
   - Ixtahuitl, Shaman of the Khish

2. ACCEPT CHALLENGE. You must have full health and mana.
3. You will be transported to a set of three rooms isolated from the rest of
   the world, complete with an angry monster. The higher your level, the
   stronger the monster will be. It will begin attacking immediately, and it
   will track you down whether you attack or not, so be ready.
4. Defeat the monster, and gain 30 leadership points(*). If you have leadership
   points, you will see them when you type STAT.
5. If you die, you will lose 10 leadership points.
   * You will also lose experience, like any other death.
   * You cannot go below zero leadership points.
6. You may only attempt one challenge per Achaean day.
7. In order to begin to accumulate leadership points, you must accept and win 
   a leadership challenge.

* Addenda:
   1. You must be at least level 30 to accept a leadership challenge.

   2. Limits to leadership points:
      - 160 for city leaders
      - 100 for house leaders and city council members
      -  60 for level 60 or over
      -  40 for level 30 and over
      -  none for those under level 30
      (These limits do not combine. For example, a city leader who is
       over level 60 does not get 220 - 160 for being a city leader PLUS
       another 60 for level. The city leader just gets 160.)

   3. House Leaders and City council members automatically gain 20 leadership
      points/Achaean day. City leaders automatically gain 40 points/day.

Using Leadership: Icon Alchemists
1. In order to use your leadership points to gain Icon Alchemists, you must
   first belong to a House with an Icon. If your House is formally aligned
   with a city, you must also be a member of that city.

2. Seven Fonts may be found across the realms. Each city contains one:
     Ashtan:    the Well of Chaos
     Cyrene:    the Icerune Crater
     Eleusis:   the Cauldron of Infinity
     Hashan:    the Fontis
     Mhaldor:   a gaping fissure
     Targossas: the Flames of the Dawn

   There is one further Font found in the Savannah: the Argent Fount. This
   Font serves the Houses that are cityless.

   Once you have at least 20 leadership points, go to the appropriate Font
   and SUMMON ALCHEMIST. The cost is 20 leadership points. You may command
   only a limited number of Alchemists at any time (currently four).

3. You can take your Alchemist to any House Icon and ORDER ALCHEMIST ATTACK
   ICON. He will begin working on dissolving the very matter of the Icon,
   and in this process, some Icon shards will be shaken loose from the
   Icon. The House to whom the Icon belongs will be notified that this is
   happening, so be forewarned. You do not have to be with your Alchemist
   while he is working, but he will easily be killed if you are not there
   to defend him.

4. Your Alchemists will be loyal to you, so you can order them to follow you
   if you happen to lose them. You can NOT order them to attack anyone.

5. You can ORDER ALCHEMIST PASSIVE to stop him from attacking the Icon, or
   simply move away from the Icon with him following you. 

6. If you wish to dismiss your Alchemists you must do it en masse, with
   DISMISS ALCHEMISTS. This will dismiss them no matter where they are in
   the land.

7. Alchemists will return to whence they came 24 Achaean days past the time
   of summoning. 

Using Leadership: Village Soldiers
1. In order to use your leadership points, you must seek out the Master of
   Arms for a village that your city is allied with. A list of current
   Masters of Arms is below.

2. Once there, REQUEST SOLDIER. If you have at least 20 leadership points,
   you will receive a soldier and he or she will begin to follow you. You
   will lose 20 leadership points for doing this.

3. The maximum number of soldiers that may be alive and under your command
   is your leadership point maximum/20.

4. Soldiers start off as recruits. It is possible to train them up three more
   levels, to:
   1. Experienced
   2. Veteran
   3. Master

5. In order to train them, they must be following you and you just have to
   gain xp by slaying Denizens. Every time you raise their level, their max
   health and their attack strength increases by 25%. So, a Master soldier is
   approximately 95% stronger than a new recruit.
   * Tip: Unless you're massing for an assault with other players also leading
          soldiers, it's probably not worth raising the soldier levels unless
          you are a reasonable hunter. Unlike the leadership challenges, which
          are geared to your strength, raising soldiers in level is a constant
          regardless of your level. It will be easy for higher level, good
          hunters and not so easy for low level players.

6. If you lose your soldiers, just stand in the room with them for a few
   seconds and they will begin following you again.

7. In order to attack with your soldiers, just lead them to their denizen
   enemies and they will attack automatically. Keep in mind that they will
   follow no orders of yours. They will only follow you. If you wish to lose
   them for whatever reason, just type LOSE <soldier>.

   * Tip: Remember, village soldiers do -not- attack Adventurers.

8. If you wish to dismiss your soldiers you must do it en masse, with
   DISMISS SOLDIERS. This will dismiss them no matter where they are in the

Masters of Arms
Currently, there is only one: The guard at the drawbridge of Batlin Karrella's
fortress in Petra.