The former Queen of Proteus and once Jade Empress, Lorielan was recently 
released from Her crystalline prison to walk among the worlds once more. Her 
first return introduced a goddess of strict Knowledge and history, Her 
interest in the simple facts of existence and their endless accumulation. A 
breath of time and a second respite to the Kx'Khrah plane found the Lady no 
longer satisfied with the neutrality and moral ambiguity of that realm, and 
Her focus turned to the use and analysis of the information She once so 
ardently attained.

Her crimes during the time of the Triumvirate were numerous, and to be 
forgiven of them, She grew to embrace a deep morality that was the counter 
to Her once reckless and dominating Self. Her time spent in introspection 
gave Her both Wisdom and Enlightenment, as well as a desire to ensure that 
Knowledge was bent towards the benefit of others. This change has suffused 
through Her current existence, creating a natural alliance with the concepts 
of Light, Righteousness, and Virtue. She patrons the realms of Knowledge, 
Wisdom, Truth, and Enlightenment, using them in accordance with those 
beliefs, yet does not claim them as solely Hers.

The symbol of the Lady Lorielan is a crystal scroll.