Newbie tour commands - Achaea Online Help

2.2.1 Newbie tour commands

As of February 15, 2006, this help scroll is deprecated due to the former
newbie intro tour being replaced entirely with a new tour called the Trial
of Rebirth. Please read HELP REBIRTH instead.


- Commands to advance in the tour are displayed in all capital letters.

- Want to slow down or speed up the tour? Type SLOWDOWN or SPEEDUP.

- Forgotten what to do? Type REMEMBER.

- Hopelessly lost and confused? Type ISLAND to start your current quest over.

- Need other help? Turn on the newbie channel with NEWBIEON and then speak
  by doing "newbie Could someone please help me with <fill in your problem>?"

- Want to quit the newbie tour? Type GRADUATE. Just remember that the tour
  will end up giving you your first five levels.