Saying things and Talking to others - Achaea Online Help

3.2 Saying things and Talking to others


The various topics covered in here are:
 - SAY (', "),
 - Talking without Say (SCREAM, MUTTER, CHANT, SING, WHINE, and SNARL),
 - Languages,
 - Ask and Exclaim (?? and !!),
 - Talking to someone in particular (SAY TO),
 - Language Rules, and
 - Emoticons

Saying, ', and "
SAY - it's the main way people talk to other Achaeans in the same room. Just
type SAY followed by anything, and you'll say it.

If Aeyr types SAY Hi there! then everybody nearby will see:

   Aeyr says, "Hi there!"

Both ' and " work just like SAY. There are other Achaean ways to talk that
don't use SAY (such as WHINE), too; plus you can SAY something to one person;
and you can use emoticons - keep reading to see how.

Talking Without Say
There are other ways to talk, like say, but different too. They are SCREAM,
MUTTER, CHANT, SING, WHINE, WHISPER, and SNARL. Each one does something a
little different. Try them and see.

Saying and Language
What you say is always spoken in one language or another. Most things you say
will probably be in the language ACHAEAN, but there are many other
ACHAEAN for some more ideas.

Ask and Exclaim
ASK and EXCLAIM are variations on SAY which you get by using special
punctuation. To EXCLAIM, use two exclamation marks (!!). To ASK, use two
question marks (??).

   SAY Don't you see, Achaea is the greatest??
   SAY Achaea IS the greatest, and I am the greatest Achaean!!

This is different than the ASK command. ASK <denizen> WARES is a special case
where you use ASK to find out what a wandering merchant has for sale.

Talking to Someone in Particular
You can SAY something to someone (adventurer or denizen) this way:

   SAY TO AEYR How could Achaea exist without you?

   SCREAM AT AEYR How could Achaea exist without you?

This works for most of the forms (SCREAM, MUTTER, etc).

Talking in a Specific Language
You can use SAY to speak in your racial language this way:

   SAY *TSOL'AA speak to someone in tsol'aa.
   SAY *DEEPLY *TROLL to use expressiveness in your racial language.

See HELP EXPRESSIVENESS for a list of expressive words.
See HELP LANGUAGES for more info about racial languages.

You don't have to end your SAY (or WHINE, or whatever) with punctuation, but
you can. Use a . or a ? or a ! if you like.

Watch What You Say
Achaea is full of many people from all parts of the world and all age groups,
including very young people. Please be careful with what you say. To read more
about our restrictions in this area, please see HELP LANGUAGE RULES.

The True Power: Emoticons
To give your SAYS even more variety, you can use emoticons (sometimes called
smileys) at the very end (only). Emoticons will not work with EXCLAIM or ASK. 

If Aeyr types

   SAY Yes, I am the best Achaean that ever was :)

Then people will see

   Aeyr smiles and says, "Yes, I am the best Achaean that ever was."

Here are the emoticons and what they do:

   :)  smiles and says                 :|  looks undecided and says
   :)) smiles broadly and says         :/  looks sceptical and says
   :>  smiles impishly and says        :?. looks thoughtful and says
   ;)  smiles with a wink and says     :B  drools and says
   :D  laughingly says                 :P  sticks out his/her tongue and says
   :*  blows a kiss and says           :O  looks surprised and says
   :,) says through happy tears        :S  looks confused and says
   :@  angrily says                    :(  frowns and says
   :(( sadly says                      :C  very sadly says
   :,( says through unhappy tears      D:  looks horrified and says
   :#  says through clenched teeth

These automatically translated emoticons only work for in-room says. Please
do not use them on public channels.