Ship Weapons - Achaea Online Help

23.15 Ship Weapons

Three different weapons are currently available for placement on ships:
Onagers, Ballistas, and Arcanian Arms (also known as 'throwers'). The
prices given may change at any time without notice.

Ship weapons may be requisitioned at Tasur'ke or Thraasi harbour. See HELP SHIP
EQUIPMENT for more details.

Onagers (450,000 gold)  Keyword: "onager" 
Largest of the ship weapons. The large cup at the end of the arm of 
the onager can hold a very large load in a variety of configurations,
including chainshot, or many flares.

Ballistas (295,000 gold)  Keyword: "ballista"
Rather like a huge crossbow. A ballista can fire shafts much like
oversized arrows, or flares.

Arcanian Arms (Throwers) (180,000 gold)  Keyword: "thrower"
The only weapon that can fit on the tiniest decks, Arcanian Arms fire
large, flat objects by rotating in a manner similar to a person
throwing something side-arm. Throwers can handle boarding decks,
flares, and war discs.

Weapons and                          Arcanian
Their Loads    Onager    Ballista      Arm

Flare           yes/8     yes/5       yes/3

Boarding deck    no         no         yes
Chainshot       yes         no         no
Shaft            no        yes         no
Spidershot      yes         no         no
Starshot        yes         no         no
Wardisc          no         no         yes

Windcutter OK?   no         no         yes (limit: 1 total)
Seastrider OK?  yes        yes         yes (limit: 3 total)
War Galley OK?  yes        yes         yes (limit: 6 total)

Weapon Loads
 Flare - burn brightly for a time, for signals, among other
         things. Available in numerous colours.

 Chainshot - damage rigging primarily.
 Decking   - for boarding.
 Shaft     - hull, plus leaking.
 Spidershot- binds up the sails.
 Starshot  - damage personnel primarily.
 War disc  - damage personnel primarily.

Using Weapons
Try the following to use your ship's weapons:
   LOAD weapon WITH load
   UNLOAD load FROM weapon
   PROBE weapon
   FIRE weapon [UP|AT targetname]

Weapon Repair
Weapons through use and time will fall into disrepair. You can extend the life
of your weapons by doing repairs to them. SHIP WEAPONREPAIR <weapon> will cost
you a few commodities per repair performed. To do the repairs you will need: 1
wood, 1 rope, and 1 iron.

Protecting a weapon for eternity can be achieved via resetting and non-decay
customisation. Non-decay will prevent the ravages of time from claiming the
weapon, and resetting will ensure that the weapon is not destroyed via damage
taken during use.

Boarding Decks
To create a boarding deck, get a ship's axe and


After a time, you'll have a boarding deck, and a damaged ship(!), and you can
then load your boarding deck in an Arcanian Arm thrower and fire it at a fairly
close-by vessel.

If it lands on your target then


gets you to the action and


gets you back to your ship.