The Achaean House System - Achaea Online Help

8.4 The Achaean House System

The Houses of Achaea are powerful organisations with varying motives. You may
only join one House and many demand a lifetime of allegiance. While it may be
possible to break this oath, the cost is often high.

The benefits of joining a House are mainly:
a) A community of like-minded individuals with a wealth of knowledge and
b) Benefit from any Expansions that the House might have.
c) Share in the political clout of your House.

House Structure
A House has a formalised structure. There are 15 House Ranks, differing in name
from House to House. Furthermore, there is an elected position known as the
House Leader. This adventurer, whose title varies from House to House, gains
prestige and some extra power. It is a mark of respect and all such worthy
adventurers should be crossed only with great caution. Further, each House
Leader may appoint adventurers within his or her House to various customisable
positions, investing the positions with many of the powers of the House Leader
him- or herself.

HOUSE LIST will list the various Houses of Achaea and some brief information
about each. HELP HOUSE <house shortname> will show you information on that
House, including what classes are permitted in that House. HOUSE STRUCTURE
<house shortname> will tell you more about the structure of each House.

Joining a House
Once you have found a House that suits your vision of life here in Achaea,
check in HOUSE LIST to see if they allow auto-induction via Certimene. If they
do, then seek out Certimene, the Class and House administrator in Delos.
Certimene works for the Houses as a whole, and has the power to permit you
entrance to any House that allows autoinduction as a Newcomer. See HELP

If you wish to join a House that does NOT allow auto-induction, then you must
contact a adventurer listed in HELP HOUSE <house shortname> as a Newcomer Aide
currently in the realms. If none are listed, you must be patient. Use TELL
<name> <message> to speak to a Newcomer Aide. Be at your best; first
impressions are key, and no House is required to accept you.

Once in a House, you may see your rank in the House under your SCORE. HOUSE
RANKS will show you a list of ranks below and including yours.

HOUSE AUTHORITY will show you a list of House-related commands to which your
House Rank gives you access.

If, for some reason, you become dissatisfied with your House, you may QUIT
<house shortname>. Be careful, though. It is difficult to regain entry into a
House once you have quit it.

See also: HELP 8 (which will give you a list of House and class-related help