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The Ebon Fist

Centuries ago under the yoke of Sartan, the Malevolent, a clan of monks known
only as the Black Fist was established. They did so with one goal in mind: to
integrate the teachings of the Seven Truths within a monastery setting in the
city of Mhaldor.

Through their iron determination and dedication, they were reborn as the
Tanjinn Guild within Mhaldor in the year 333 A.F, with Jupiter Dawyn serving as
the first Daemonic Hand. Sixty-one years later, what was once the Tanjinn
became the Ebon Fist, its name a fitting reminder of the organisation's
foundation from a clan of monks.

Today, members of the Ebon Fist remain true to the ideals upon which it was
founded, continuing to strive towards excellence and perfection in the Triadic
beliefs of the Mind, Body and Soul. As devout monastics in servitude to the
ruling Divine of Mhaldor, their city, and their House, they embrace the Seven
Truths as their religious precepts and follow a cenobitic lifestyle, where they
place a strong emphasis on a sense of community and unity from within.

Epitomising the Seven Truths, the Ebon Fist also believes in and seeks to
achieve the ascension of their mortal bodies, enduring hardships and utilising
the strengths of the Mind to hone all aspects of themselves equally, while
simultaneously casting away weakness in adoration of their God and His Truths.