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The Harbingers of Redemption

Wielding quill and parchment as their trusted weapons, the Harbingers of
Redemption hail from the radiant city of Targossas. Those most dedicated to
ensuring the natural progression of Creation through the ideals of Clemency,
Succour and Deliverance call this institution home, for it is with an absolute
dedication to Good that they pledge to re-educate the masses, vanquishing the
doubters with their devout beliefs.

The Harbingers provides theological support for Good both internal and external
to Targossas. Their purpose is to educate the forces of Good, guiding their
way. The House has a high emphasis on scholarly pursuits: education, research,
ritual, and preaching. They believe strongly that by educating the ignorant and
preaching the tenets of Good, Light, and Righteousness, Creation shall be
better aided. They recruit to the cause those who would hold these tenets above
all else. Pushing the boundaries of research and belief, from lore to tenets,
from history to future, each member must be able to, by their own hand, further
the work of Good.