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The House of Maldaathi

The Maldaathi are the embodiment of "honourable evil". Those who do not embrace
the ideals of honour, discipline and furthering the aims of the Malevolent One
shall find themselves ill-suited to this House. Few are those who are strong
enough and dedicated enough to walk the path of the Maldaathi, but for those
chosen few, the rewards are great.

The Maldaathi ideals are built upon three concepts, the first of which is
honour. Our word is our bond. Having honour proves that one has the strength to
live up to his word. We accept death before dishonour, for the dishonourable
are weak, worthless maggots to be crushed underfoot.

The second concept is discipline. In combat, an undisciplined rabble will be
slaughtered when facing a well-trained and disciplined enemy. The Maldaathi
impose strict discipline and hard training in order to mould ourselves into a
deadly fighting force to further the sinister will of our Master.

The third and most important concept is total and utter dedication to the god
of evil: Lord Sartan, the Malevolent. We exist for the sole purpose of
furthering His divine will and greater glory. To this end, we aspire to be the
living embodiment of the Seven Truths of Evil, which are the guiding light of
true followers of the path of evil.

The Seven Truths consist of purging oneself of weakness - both physical,
mental, and spiritual, eliminating conscience, enduring hardships - both
self-imposed and externally-imposed, making the body stronger through combat
and shunning the effeminate virtues of forgiveness, tolerance and laxity of

The Maldaathi House resides in the island-fortress city of Mhaldor and requires
that its members also be citizens of Mhaldor. The great Houses of Mhaldor are
united as one under the iron will of Lord Sartan and bitterly oppose everything
for which Targossas and the forces of Good and Light stand.

The Maldaathi welcomes those few determined individuals who seek greatness and
are able to endure the hardship, pain and suffering that are the price of