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The House of Naga

"That which is unknown and unseen will command the greatest fear."

We are the Naga, the cruel serpents of Mhaldor. We are the assassins who
know only blood and death. We are the thieves with hands most dexterous. We
are the spies with the sharpest eyes and ears. We walk amongst you unseen,
our passing marked only by the pain and suffering we inflict upon the weak.
Through the expert application of torture, deception, cunning, and
manipulation we make manifest the Seven Truths of Evil.

"A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn."

Bound in mind, body and spirit to the will of Evil, our service to the Lords
Apollyon and Shaitan is given absolutely, without question or hesitation.
Our nefarious activities are thoroughly calculated and then executed in the
coldest of blood, our steps taken with utmost care and stealthy precision.
Murder, theft, deception, cheating -- nothing is beyond our scope, for the
tenet that best defines a Naga's life is simple: "The Outcome Justifies The
Deed". Our only limit is the divine will of our Masters, who reign supreme
in all things evil and malevolent.

"A war is easily won if the enemy does not know who he is fighting."

We come in many forms, from the foulest to the most beautiful. Deception and
fear are all we require to separate the fools from the wise. Our path to
greatness is forged by the will of Evil, which dictates order, exactness,
discipline, and obedience. Through treachery and guile, by the cruel bite of
the fang and the lash, House Naga will come into untold riches, glory, and
power in the greatness of Evil.

Be warned as you contemplate treading the path of the Naga, for the journey
shall be difficult, wrought with hardship and pain. Only those of the
serpent class have the skills necessary to survive the trials and torment
that lie on this path. If you wish to join us then first swear your
allegiance to Mhaldor, glorious city of Evil. Then forget your past life...
forget your family... forget your friends and lovers... and embrace your
right as a Naga to exert your dominance over others.

"Torment shall be their domain. Pain shall rule their life. Evil shall claim
their souls."