THE LANDMARKS - Achaea Online Help


Certain landmark areas in the land are known to all by the age of 18 and can be
walked to automatically if you are within 100 steps of the landmark and not
in a subdivision or on the wilderness map.

 - List all landmarks, if you're inside a player city, New Thera, or the Isle
   of Delos, you'll receive a localised list of landmarks.
 - You may filter the list of locations by specifying the type of landmark you
   are looking for.
 - You will always see personal landmarks on the unfiltered list - this is
   because you can always try to walk to personal landmarks regardless of your
   current location.
 - To see a list of available landmark types, use LANDMARK TYPES.

WALK TO <landmark name>
 - Will start you walking towards the landmark if you're able to walk to
   that room normally.
 - It you will move at the rate of one room per two seconds, which makes it
   impractical for use in combat. Its primary uses are for when you're a 
   newbie or when you're lost.
 - You can only walk to landmarks visible on your LANDMARKS list.

DISTANCE TO <landmark name>
 - Will tell you how far away the landmark is, or if it's too far to tell!
 - You can only calculate the distance to landmarks visible on your LANDMARKS

 - This (and many other commands) will interrupt your journey. Simply re-enter
   the original command to resume walking.

Explorer Ranking
Explorer ranking is affected by using landmarks (WALK TO) exactly as though you
were walking. That is, if walking would have gained you explorer ranking, then
WALK TO would also gain you explorer ranking.

Personal Landmarks
Adventurers can designate personal landmarks across the lands, allowing the 
ability to quickly travel there at any time. Each adventurer starts with 5 
marks, but may expand on this capability at the cost of 100 lessons per 
additional mark (up to a grand total of 30 additional marks).

 - Add a personal landmark in the current room with the provided alias.

 - Remove a defined personal landmark.

 - Purchase an additional landmark. This costs 100 lessons and is