The Laws of Oakstone - Achaea Online Help

21.5.1 The Laws of Oakstone

The organisation of Oakstone is dedicated to the preservation, maintenance, and
defence of all of Nature. As such, the Gods have seen fit to place in the
control of the Hierophants the very wrath of Nature Herself. This power is so
awesome and deadly that each Hierophant does swear to use this power in defence
of the forest in accordance with written Oakstone law and for no other purpose.
Oakstone takes its purpose and laws with great seriousness and vigilance. Those
that violate the laws of Oakstone will be held accountable; some will even
become enemied to Oakstone and thus at the mercy of the forest defences.

The following document includes a summary of the jurisdiction of Oakstone and
each possible crime to which you could find yourself an enemy of Nature. The
full Charter of Oakstone can be found at the Central Hall in the Great Oak
within the city of Eleusis.

A quick review of enemy status crimes:
      - Extermination
      - Arson
      - Holocaust Bombing


Every natural area shall be under Oakstone's protection. The gardens within
city walls are no exception; Oakstone protects these from extermination, fires
and overharvesting.

Those areas within the confines of the temple of a God will have all laws
applied to them unless said God requests otherwise. 

Let it be known that Oakstone claims no ownership over any of the lands it
protects. These lands belong to Nature alone and may be owned by no one, nor
can they be bought, sold or given away.



There are several skills that result in intense damage to the natural world.
Extermination, and Holocaust bombs just a few of them. Any form of arson that
will cause a fire is considered a crime. Use of these skills in a natural
environment will lead to immediate enemy status and a hefty fine.

1-2 room(s): 5K fine and 1 Achaean year enemy time per room.
3-10 rooms: 7.5K fine and 1.5 Achaean year enemy time per room.
11-20 rooms: 10K fine and 2 Achaean years enemy time per room.
21-30 rooms: 15K fine and 3 Achaean years enemy time per room.
31+ rooms: permanent enemy status.
Automatic permanent enemy status.
Assisting blighting: 20k fine and 5 Achaean years enemy time.
Assisting will be defined as follows:
   Active participation when defending the enemy in the act of
       harming Nature. 
   Attacking Nature's defenders during instances of harm to Nature
       within territories under the Council's protection by law.
   Resurrection of a forest enemy within a reasonable amount of
       time after he/she has harmed Nature, regardless of whether
       they return to cause further damage.
   Assisting a forest enemy in any way while they are doing any of
       the above.
Repeated assistance will be met with:
1-2 events: 5K fine and 1 Achaean year enemy time per event.
3-10 events: 5k fine and 1.5 Achaean years enemy time per event.
11-20 events: 5k fine and 2 Achaean years enemy time per event.
21+ events: 5k fine and 3 Achaean years enemy time per event.
If the offender is unenemied without assisting for the next 5 years, the event
tally resets to 0. If unenemied and assistance continues within a 5 year time
frame, the event tally continues.
An event is defined as the period of time an assister has spent either a) in
the party/area with the exterminators or b) resurrection as per regular
assistance laws. A fresh event begins once a quarter of an Achaean day has
passed since the exterminating team has left the area or since the last


Any shrine or wormhole placed within a forest location will be removed
by Oakstone if proper permission is not granted.

Those who assist in crimes or hide an act of extermination, holocaust, or
arson shall be prosecuted as if they had performed the act themselves.