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4.11.1 The prompt

The normal prompt is simply a dash. If you'd like your prompt to display more
information, type CONFIG PROMPT STATS (for other options, see below). Your
prompt will then display your health and mana, along with certain information
about your current state.

"e" you have equilibrium.    "x" you have balance.
"b" you are blind.           "k" you have ingested a kola nut.
"d" you are deaf.            "c" you have a magical cloak up.

Standard settings are CONFIG PROMPT STATS, ALL, CUSTOM, or OFF.

More CONFIG PROMPT options:  (H: health, M: mana, E: endurance, W: will)


ALL   - same as HMEW
STATS - same as HM
OFF   - minimal prompt

Additionally there is the option to get a text or numeric display of your

CONFIG PROMPT <text/numeric>
The numeric option is the default view giving an exact read-out of your

Numeric: 1073h, 3073m, 15688e, 15688w ex-

Text:    H:Full, M:Low, E:High, W:High ex-

The text format will give you a readout such as full or dying depending on how
close to max you are.

Health would be: 
Full    = 100%
Healthy > 75%     
Wounded > 50%   
Maimed > 25%   
Dying > 0%   

Other Stats follow the same percentage though goes with Full, High, Medium,
Low, Very Low, and None.

Prompts can be customised to your own particular tastes with CONFIG PROMPT
CUSTOM, allowing you to specify what you want to see and how you want to see
it. To insert a relevant source of information, please see the table below.

Text   - Displayed as entered
*h     - Current health
*H     - Maximum health
*m     - Current mana
*M     - Maximum mana
*e     - Current endurance
*E     - Maximum endurance
*w     - Current willpower
*W     - Maximum willpower
*d     - Prompt defences (kola, deaf, phased, etc.)
*b     - Balance and equilibrium
*c     - Class-specific balances (voice, limb, etc.)
*r     - Class-specific resources (kai, shin, essence, etc.)
*k     - Knight-specific resources (momentum, ferocity, etc)
*i     - Indoors/outdoors
*v     - Current elevation
*s     - Server time (In GMT)
*t     - the name of your target (using settarget or the last thing you hit)
*T     - the % health your target (see *t above)

You can also individually colour each element with the following codes (see
#r/#R     - Red     (1/9)
#g/#G     - Green   (2/10)
#y/#Y     - Yellow  (3/11)
#b/#B     - Blue    (4/12)
#m/#M     - Magenta (5/13)
#c/#C     - Cyan    (6/14)
#w/#W     - White   (7/15)
#d        - Grey    (8)

So some examples:

- Would show [H: 3000][M: 3000]>

CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM *hh, *mm, *ee, *ww *b*d
- Would show 3000h, 3000m, 3000e, 3000w ex-