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The Sect of the Black Lotus

Based in Hashan, Crown of the Ithmia, The Sect of the Black Lotus is a
diverse group of adventurers. Accepting many different professions into the
House, the Sect comes together to form a group of loyal and diverse people
who strive to better themselves and their brethren.  This group serves as
the military arm that polices and protects the Crown and her citizens from
all danger.

The Sect of the Black Lotus holds strong to the tenets of the perfection of
one's mind, body, and spirit though the House ideals of Discipline, Respect,
and Unity. A member of the Black Lotus swears to an oath when they become a
student of the Sect, pledging allegiance to the House and its members.
Respect is of the utmost importance, be it respect of themselves, respect to
those around them, or to their elders. Members will do nothing to endanger
or hinder the house in any way, lest they become outcasts.

Seeking to be the best at whatever they pursue, a member of the Sect of the
Black Lotus will roam far and wide across Sapience in pursuit of excellence
in any field of achievement, be it exploration or combat, art or philosophy,
politics or theology. Unswerving dedication to their ideals and their House
is the mark of a true member of the Black Lotus.