THE SENTINEL CLASS - Achaea Online Help


An offshoot of the class of Druids early in the modern age, the Sentinels
are equally as devoted to the protection of the forests of Achaea. Unlike
the Druids, the Sentinels cannot imprint groves in the forests, and many
choose to reside in cities rather than in the wild. As a result, they are
much more likely than their Druid counterparts to involve themselves into
current world affairs and politics. Although many consider themselves part
of communities beyond that of the forestal community, their love of the
forests is still the defining trait of a Sentinel.

Sentinels are known to travel with a number of animal companions who will
assist them in battle, ranging from the harrying raven, to the small but
vicious fox, to the noble wolf, and more. Their knowledge of the outdoors
enables them to lay cunning traps for their enemies; some are merely a
hindrance while others are lethal. A Sentinel's skill with a handaxe is
unsurpassed, and many Sentinels wield spears or tridents as well.

Their intimate knowledge of nature's bounty allows them to harvest valuable
herbs, plants, and other resources from the wild and concoct elixirs and
salves for healing and protection. Through their sacred connection with
nature, Sentinels can bond with the spirits of various animals. They can
channel the alertness of the wildcat, the wings of an owl or eagle, the
vitality of a bear, the agility of a jaguar, the ice-breath of the icewyrm,
and much more. As guardians of the forest, much of a Sentinel's skills are
geared towards might in combat, but their skills are also suitable for
merchants and explorers as well.

The skills a Sentinel gains are Woodlore, Metamorphosis, and Concoctions.
A fledgling Sentinel will gain Woodlore and Metamorphosis, and will receive
Concoctions upon embracing class.

** Warning: The Council of Oakstone has the power to declare you an enemy of
the forests, resulting in forest beasts and the forest itself attacking you
when you're in it. Therefore, as a Sentinel, you must be careful not to harm
natural areas by setting fires.