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The Spirit Walkers

Walking the precarious and, at times, dangerous bridge between the spiritual
and material worlds, the Spirit Walkers hold the notion of balancing the path
as paramount to survival. A false step in either direction can collapse the
path, with all efforts, and even practitioners lost to other realms.
An eclectic group of adventurers, the Spirit Walkers are selective of those
initiated into their fold. They seek the deeper knowledge of a mystery
tradition, a tradition involving clandestine rituals held deep within their
Fortress that can shift reality as we know it. 

Descended from the original Shaman's guild, the Spirit Walkers have kept to
their path as mediums and spiritual warriors, making contact with many groups
of spirits. Among these are the Wlo, an ancient group of spirits that dates
from before the fall of Seleucar, who demand adherence to strict, secret

Several paths are available to the aspirant Spirit Walker. The Spiritual
Warrior, trained in physical and spiritual combat alike, harnesses the power of
knowledge, ritual, and combat to become a fearsome opponent. The Scholar delves
into the knowledge of the past to produce the practical ritual theories of the
future, as there is always more to learn and know about the Spirit realm.
Finally, the Ritualist uses the innate ability as a medium to conduct communal
or personal rituals, opening the gateway to the Spirit world to effect change
in our own realm.

Housed in Hashan, Crown of Ithmia, the Spirit Walker house serves as the
religious group to the community, offering spiritual guidance, rituals, and
services. Joining the Spirit Walkers comes with a hefty warning, however:
Spirit Walkers must live by the code or die in their failure to do so. The oath
you take to the Spirit Walker house and its traditions comes before all other
oaths you may take.