TRANSMUTATION - Achaea Online Help


The skill of Transmutation allows an alchemist to create medicinal cures from
the alchemical primes and metals. Two main types of remedies may be created:
solid minerals, which may be eaten or smoked; and liquid balms and tonics,
which may be applied and drunk, respectively. Transmutation of minerals
requires the Alchemist's presence in a properly stocked metallurgy lab, while
creation of tonics and balms may be done from anywhere, assuming the alchemist
possesses an alembic.

The pinnacle of Transmutation is the creation of the Philosopher's Stone,
though little is known about the mystic properties of this highly desired

** Use of Transmutation requires having learned the Metallurgy ability in the
Alchemy skill. Transmutation will not function, in any capacity, without first
obtaining this skill. **