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Ty Beirdd, the House of Bards

Ty Beirdd is a Cyrenian House dedicated to the production, preservation, and
proliferation of art, and to the cultural edification of Cyrene and Sapience.
All Bards are required to gain an artistic education by completing a course of
study in the Academie of Fine Arts, after which they may become masters of
ceremonies, defenders of the arts, event coordinators, curators, or even
travelling minstrels. The members of Ty Beirdd are encouraged to seek
inspiration, foster creativity, and demonstrate excellence in all their

The House offers services unique in all of Sapience. Ty Beirdd produces
concerts both private and public, and arranges commissions of artistic work for
interested patrons. We believe that while anyone can grow and learn as an
artist with the right training and motivation, a Bard of Ty Beirdd is uniquely
suited to disseminate and nourish the arts throughout Sapience.

We seek creative, motivated Bards who work with passion and dedication. Those
who are driven to create and promote art are welcome.