Voting and DYAD - Achaea Online Help

19.14 Voting and DYAD

  I. Why?
 II. How to vote.
III. Reminding yourself to vote.
 IV. zMUD and voting.
  V. An Alternative Way
 VI. Making Sure Your Vote Counts
VII. Details

I. Why?
Achaea is free to play, and the reason we can let people play for free as long
as they wish is because we find ways to promote Achaea cheaply. One of these is
via the voting system at

In case you're wondering about DYAD or YAD - we use the term "DYAD" for "Do
Your Achaean Duty" as a way to say "please, go vote for Achaea."

By voting for us (instructions below), you help Achaea as a whole, and so we
would -really- appreciate it if you would vote for us. Voting gets us new
adventurers. New adventurers means a bigger game and more money for
development, which means a better game for everyone.

II. How to vote
1. In your browser go to
2. Click on the 'Click Here To Enter' box.

III. Reminding yourself to vote
Either type CONFIG VOTING ON or CONFIG VOTING PROMPT. In either case, when it
has been over 12 hours since you last voted, you will get a message reminding
you to vote. For CONFIG VOTING PROMPT you will also see 'Vote' in your prompt.

Whenever you get the message reminding you to vote, or see 'Vote' in your
prompt, vote while you're logged in and that should take care of it.

You may type VOTED in case you voted and it didn't register for some reason. Or
to disable both forms of reminder altogether, type CONFIG VOTING OFF.

IV. zMUD and Voting
It's easy to make a VOTE alias or button for zMUD. All the alias or button
needs is a value of "#URL".

If you're not sure how to do this, here's the step-by-step for a button:
1) in zMUD, click on the 'Settings' icon, opening 'Settings in Memory'.

2) on the 'settings in memory' page click on the little triangle next to
   the 'New' icon, and select 'New Button'.

3) in the 'Edit Button' window, in the 'Caption' box, give the button a
   name, like 'VOTE' (or whatever you want)

4) in the 'Edit Button' window put this in the 'Value' box:
   #URL (and nothing else).

5) click on 'Save' on the right, near the green check mark.

6) close the 'Settings in Memory'

To use the button, just click on it. It opens a new browser and takes you to a
page where you must click one more time to register your vote on the site. That's it!

V. An Alternative Way
The method above does not always work (with AOL and some other ISPs). If you
vote using this method and do not receive the thank you message ("Thank you
very much for voting!") Please try it this way:

1. In your browser go to

2. Click on the 'Login' button and login using your normal adventurer
   name and password.

3. Click on the 'Vote for Achaea as #1 MUD' button.

4. Click on the 'Click Here To Enter' box.

Sometimes this works where other methods have not.

One further alternative for AOL users - if you can try either of these methods
in some OTHER, non-AOL browser, then this will often bring you success. It can
still be Internet Explorer, just not the version given to you by AOL.

VI. Making Sure Your Vote Counts
DO NOT VOTE unless you are also in Achaea at the same time. Make sure you
connect to your favourite character in Achaea, and ONLY THEN, use your browser
to go vote. Only in this way can we connect a vote with an adventurer  - so we
know who it was that just voted! If you are not in the game when you vote, then
the vote still counts, but we will not know who did it.

If you accidentally vote while your character is not in Achaea, all you have to
do is connect and then go vote again. Then we will know you did it. Only one of
your votes will count for the purposes of the voting totals, but at least we'll
know who you were!

VII. Details
Only one vote per internet subdomain is counted every 12 hours. If you look at
an IP address like, there are four fields, separated by periods.
You might imagine the 1st field (203) as being the state, the 2nd field as
being the city, the 3rd as being the street and the 4th as being the house
number. That's not perfectly accurate, but it's a reasonable approximation. The
subdomain is the 'street'. So, only one vote per 12 hours per 'street' will

We cannot reward you for voting, sorry. It is against the rules of Topmudsites.
You are in no fashion obligated to vote. We just hope that we can provide you
with a good enough experience that you'll want to do this small thing to help
us out. Either way, thank you SO much for playing in our worlds. We appreciate