Cryptic Chests - Aetolia Online Help

23.3.5 Cryptic Chests

The Cryptic Chest can be bought from Qeddwyn for 150,000 gold, and is sometimes sold on the website, or given away as a prize. It contains a random prize, ranging from artifacts down to a handful of gold. 

The full listing of the current available prizes are as follows:

* Gold
* 3-6 Grimstim pills (eaten, provide a critical chance increase)
* 3-6 Bull's eyes (eaten, restores willpower)
* 3-6 Phoenix hearts (eaten, restores endurance)
* Chocolate(s) (varies)
* 5 credits + gold
* 10 credits + gold
* 25 credits + gold
* 50 credits + gold
* 10-20 Iron Coins
* 2-5 Artifact vials
* A double experience chalice
* A crystal of rebirth
* A random minipet, available nowhere else.
* A hunting boon token, redeemable for a level 1 class hunting artifact
* A pet token, redeemable for the 900 credit pet package in HELP PETS
* A ring of vigour
* A house deed, with which one is entitled to either a free house plus two new rooms, or five new rooms on an existing house
* An upgrade token, which may be used to upgrade any leveled artifact power on an existing artifact to the next level
* A venom rag
* A token of passage, redeemable for a level 1 wings or amulet
* A girdle of fortitude
* Boots of the spider
* 1x racial relic piece + gold
* 2x normal relic piece + gold
* a 25 credit artifact discount voucher
* an ambience token (must be turned into Razmael)
* compendium page(s) (see HELP COMPENDIUM)

Each chest also has a 10% chance of containing a broken piece from a chest, detailed below in set items. If you ever decide you do not wish to keep these items, you can trade in several or sell them to other players. Artifacts and bound credits cannot be sold to other players.

Artifacts may be traded in by ARTIFACT # TRADEIN (see HELP ARTIFACT TRADEINS for details). A handful of items from HELP GIFTBAG can be traded in using PROMO TRADEIN # (see HELP GIFTBAGS for details). Relics can be re-rolled or traded in - RELIC REROLL # or RELIC TRADEIN # (see HELP RELICS for details).


Where applicable, further information on specific prizes will be listed in this section.

New Minipets

- a sprightly foal
- a young fawn
- an orange and white tiger cub
- a raccoon cub

New Compendium Pages
- The Forgotten Dome
- Bastion of Illdon

Torch of the Underhalls
* Will attune itself to whatever area you LIGHT it in.
* Will disappear eight hours after being lit.
* You can WAVE TORCH to teleport to the attuned area.
* You can GAZE TORCH to see how many mobs are alive in the area, how long ago the last mob died, and how long until the next mob respawns.
* You can TRADEIN TORCH for instant 5 bound credits, if you have yet to light it.

You will find pieces to assemble these in cryptic chests. These are not permanent: They will either eventually decay, or be destroyed upon use.

an offshore translocator

When you USE TRANSLOCATOR, this will take you to a special room that has exits leading to each of the three main islands: Asper, Ulangi and Polyargos.

a sanguine choker

When worn, you will gain 2% of your health back when hitting a NPC. 2 second cooldown between procs.

a keeneye monocle

Increased chance of critical hits. Stacks with all other crit increasers.

An ornately-framed mirror
* 1x top half of a mirror frame
* 1x bottom half of a mirror frame
* 2x a smashed mirror shard

Will alert you whenever someone tries to sense you. Does not reveal who did it, and only works on sense skills that are targetted directly on you (i.e. farsee, and not scent).

A compass of disorientation
* 1x a compass rose diagram
* 1x a magnetized compass needle
* 1x an empty gold-forged compass case
* 1x a broken length of gold chain

Rearranges the exits of the current room temporarily when you SHAKE it. The room will still connect to the same adjacent rooms, but the exits leading to them will be different. The effect lasts five minutes and can only be done once an Aetolian day.

A bracer of hammered ilmenite
* 4x chunks of ilmenite ore

Glows whenever someone on your enemy list enters the same area as you. Does not bypass hood and various states such as phase and blackwind.

Eyes of the Observer
* 1x Left Eye of the Observer
* 1x Right Eye of the Observer
* 1x an ornate silver gemstone setting
* 1x a silver jewellery chain loop

Allows you to DIAGNOSE other people in the same room as you. Has a longer equilibrium time than self-diagnose.

A compass-inlaid ilmenite bracer
* 1x Eyes of the Observer
* 1x bracer of hammered ilmenite
* 1x an ornately-framed mirror
* 1x compass of disorientation
NOTE: Unlike other set item artifacts, all of those artifacts need to belong to you.

This artifact contains all the powers of its set items, with bonuses! Bonuses are as follows:

Eye:     Can remote diagnose anybody on the same continent.
Mirror:  Reveals the name of who sensed you.
Bracer:  Bypasses hood, phase, blackwind, etc.
Compass: The exit scrambling affects adjacent rooms as well.

The star chart of Elenina
* 1x the northeast segment of a star chart
* 1x the southeast segment of a star chart
* 1x the southwest segment of a star chart
* 1x the northwest segment of a star chart

By utilizing the star chart, you can increase the influence of a
particular star upon you to receive its effects. However, it will also
bring forth a random negative star to influence you. While under the
effects of the star chart, all other astronomy effects are cancelled

Usage: STARCHART <star>, refer to HELP ASTRONOMY for a list of valid

These are PERMANENT. And will be BOUND TO YOU when you assemble them. Assemble with care! The assembled item disappears when assembled!

You will notice that some of them perform the same purpose, e.g. tail and tentacle. These are separate relics with separate pieces. They give identical mechanical purpose, but will have slightly different text in their usage.

Plumage (4x a clump of feathers)
- Allows access to the WINGFLUTTER emote.
- Allows you to RUFFLE FEATHERS.
Snake skin (4x a scrap of snakeskin)
- Allows you to SHED SKIN once an hour, leaving it behind as an item.
Elemental shroud (4x a glowing <element> crystal)
- Six variants, one for each element (earth/fire/air/water/shadow/spirit).
- Changes your room description in LOOK to show you being wreathed in the specific element.
- Allows you to BLAST <target>, a basic attack that will use the specific element.
- You can obtain multiple shrouds, but only one may be activated at once. Use ELEMENT <type> to select.
Mandibles (4x a crushed insect head)
- Allows access to the MASTICATE command and MANDIBLES emote normally reserved for Horkval.
Horns (4x a broken animal horn)
- Your HEADBUTT emote will deal minor damage to its target.
- You can HORNLOCK someone else with the horns relic and attempt to throw them to the ground.
Glow (4x a glowing firefly larvae)
- You can GLOWON to suffuse your body with a gentle light, appending a coloured line to your description.
- You can FLASH to reveal any hidden people (SEARCH substitute).
- GLOWOFF to turn it off again.
Vines (4x a creeping vine tendril)
- Grants a custom message when using swing up/swing down to climb trees.
- You can use ENTANGLE <target> as a free web tattoo effect.


Set items are not artifacts by themselves, and can be traded with other players. However, once you have all the items in a set, you can FUSE them together to form a unique artifact. Details of the artifacts and their set pieces follow.

A four-pointed star of the Priesthood (RETIRED)
* 1x a length of brass chain
* 1x wooden circle etched with sacraments
* 1x four-pointed wooden star
* 1x a gem of spirit

When someone breaks your magical shield (via hammer, raze, etc), you will be healed for a small portion of your health. Does not work when your shield is stripped by a skill that strips defences randomly, unless it always strips shield first).

An abdalite glove (RETIRED)
* 1x an icewyrm glove
* 1x a focusing gem
* 1x a glass feedback reservoir
* 1x a strand of pure earth essence

Allows you to do CLENCH GLOVE which summons (temporary) rubble across all exits. Usuable once per Howling.

A hunter's handbook (RETIRED)
* 4x doppleganger-skin parchment

Allows you to view a mob's maximum hitpoints when using the EVALUATE command.

A hunter's horn (RETIRED)
* 1x a silver mouthpiece
* 1x a silver flange
* 1x a broken hunter's horn
* 1x a leather carrying strap

BLOW HORN will cause mobs in the room to attack slower for the next ten seconds, however they will do more damage. This can only be done once every five minutes.

A hunter's knife (RETIRED)
* 1x a knife blade
* 1x an ivory knife handle
* 1x a set of leather grips
* 1x a leather knife sheathe

Any mob you kill while the hunter's knife is in your inventory will respawn 10% faster than normal.

A set of hunter's tools (RETIRED)
* A hunter's handbook
* A hunter's horn
* A hunter's knife
NOTE: Unlike other set item artifacts, all of those artifacts need to belong to you.

This artifact contains all the powers of its set items, with bonuses! Bonuses are as follows:

Book:  You will now also see the mob's current hitpoints.
Horn:  The effect will now last for 15 seconds, and will not increase the mob's damage.
Knife: You can PLANT KNIFE IN GROUND once per Howling, and it will reset most mobs for that area. Does not work on instances.

A snowglobe of Spinesreach (RETIRED)
* 5x a model Spire of Spinesreach

Upon being shaken, the snowglobe will cause a blizzard to grip the area
for half an Aetolian day. It cannot be used in a city, and can only be
used once per Howling.

A bag of seeds (RETIRED)
* 4x a shimmering seed

You can SPRINKLE SEEDS in a room, and after a while the seeds will
sprout into flowers. The bag contains enough seeds for five uses, and
refills itself each Howling.

A racial Idol (RETIRED)
* 1x a small, golden head
* 1x a small, headless golden torso
* 1x a pair of small golden arms
* 1x a pair of small golden legs

Each Howling, the idol's appearance will shift to represent a new race.
Holding the idol grants you all the abilities of the race it is

an Albedi sunspear (RETIRED)

Throwing the sunspear into the sky will cause it to break apart into shafts of light that penetrate each eld in the room, instantly killing them. The sunspear is destroyed on use.

a dreamscape mirror (RETIRED)

Creates a dream version of an 20 room area radius around you, including mobs, you GAZE MIRROR. Essentially, your own private bashable instance. Destroyed upon use.
Note: Things like mob reactions, and special exits will not work in the dream instance.

Prehensile Tail (a caudal segment)  (RETIRED)
Tentacle (a tentacle segment)  (RETIRED)
Confers the YANK ability.
Can use TAILGRAB in place of GET.

Quills (a loose quill) (RETIRED)
Spikes (a loose spike) (RETIRED)
Whenever someone attacks, you have a chance to deal minor (~30hp) damage back to them.

Acid Breath (a gastric gland) (RETIRED)
Does poison damage to the target and gives disfigurement affliction. BREATHE ACID AT <target>

Scorpion tail (a metasomal segment) (RETIRED)
Venom strike. Envenom it and jab someone. Basically a weapon slash. TAILSTRIKE <target> <venom>. You must have a vial of the venom on hand.

Retractable claws (a loose claw) (RETIRED)
Allows you to RETRACT or EXTEND claws. Basically an emote.
Can RAKE <target> with extended claws for minor bleeding attack.

Tapetum Lucidum (a cat's eye) (RETIRED)
Lets you use NIGHTSIGHT.
At night time, you can use the EYEGLOW emote.

Nictating Membrane (a reptile's eye) (RETIRED)
Allows usage of the THIRDBLINK emote.
Grants a one-time defence against the blurry vision affliction. (cooldown)

Aquatic lamellae (a fish's head) (RETIRED)
Lets you breathe underwater without needing waterbreathing defence.
Can use the GILLFLAP emote.

Raptor claws (a bird's claws) (RETIRED)
Allows you to use the SWOOP command on grounded players while flying.
Allows the TALONFLEX emote.

A membranous muscle (a membranous fiber) (RETIRED)
You can AIRDASH to dash while flying.
You can also WINGGRAB in place of GET.

Nazetu hide (a scrap of Nazetu flesh) (RETIRED)
You can SECRETE a viscous slime that counts as standing firm.
You can also REEK to increase stench level.

An arachnid's caudum (a spinneret) (RETIRED)
You can WEBSPRAY people to web them without the tattoo.
You can also SPINWEB to put a decorative web in the room.