ARMOUR AND SHIELDS - Aetolia Online Help


How do I use armor?
Armor is the most basic defensive purchase that can be made. After being
obtained and WORN, it protects the wearer from physical attacks (blunt  
and cutting damage), though this may also affect one's ability to move  
in combat with the same ease. While there are many types of armor       
available for purchase, the ability to wear one is restricted by your   
current class.                                                          

Shields are similar to armor, gifting constant protection after it is   

Each suit of armor and each shield have been judged to possess          
particular statitics to determine their ability to reduce damage. To    
determine this, one must possess the weaponprobe ability in weaponry,   
and then WEAPONPROBE (armor) - or ask another to do this for you - to   
determine the level of cutting and blunt protection. It is important to 
state that there can be a great deal of variation in stats even across  
the same type of armor, which is often associated with the cost of the  

What armor can I use?
Armors are listed in ascending order of protection. Note that the       
classes are named at the armor of the highest physical protection they  
can wear, but wearing weaker armor is an option. HELP AVOIDANCE lists   
the benefits and maluses of wearing different types of armor.           

Armor               Class
------              ------
No Armor            Sciomancer, Ascendril, Bloodborn, Lycanthropes
Leather             Zealots, Monks
Ringmail            Shamans
Scalemail           Cabalists, Indorani, Syssin, Praenomen, Teradrim
Chainmail           Sentinels
Splintmail          Priests, Luminaries
Fieldplate          Templar, Carnifex
Fullplate           Templar, Carnifex

What type of shield can I use?
Currently, any class can wield any shield without restriction. However, 
many classes require the freed use of the hand that may be needed to    
wield the shield. For instance, the Monk class cannot wield shields, as 
it prevents them from being able to attack. To find out for certain if a
shield would be a worthwhile investment, it is a good idea to talk to   
your guild or house before making your purchase.