The following artifacts are available through Qeddwyn:

Chalice of Knowledge: (30cr)
    - Provides Double XP once drunk for a period of 24 hours.
    - Chalices of Knowledge cannot be traded in.

Gem of Transmutation: (1000cr)
  Artifact Power: Transmutation
    - Lets the owner change race and statpack once every two hours. It also
      permits you to TRANSMUTE GENDER once per Howling.

Icon of Obscuration: (500cr)
  Artifact Power: Hide_artifacts
    - Hides any worn artifacts from being seen when one looks at you.
    - Specific artifacts may be exempted from this power for 50cr each.

Wings of the Eagle: (800cr)
  Artifact Power: Clouds_flight
    - Lets you fly to the clouds, a location from which you can
      reach much of the continent.

Wings of the Atavian: (2000cr)
  Artifact Power: Aboveclouds_flight
    - Lets you fly to above the clouds, a location from which you can
      reach many of the major features of the continent, and also
      reach the clouds.

Sulfurous Amulet: (800cr)
  Artifact Power: Caves_burrow
    - Lets you burrow to the Death Caves, a location from which you can
      can reach much of the continent.

Amulet of the Underrealms (2000cr)
  Artifact Power: Belowcaves_burrow
    - Lets you burrow to deep within the Death Caves, a location
      from which you can reach many of the major features of the
      continent, and also reach the death caves.

Wand of Portals: (800cr)
  Artifact Power: Portals
    - Lets you open up a portal to someone after a short delay.
      Is stopped by a monolith sigil.

Bracelet of Sustenance: (550cr)
  Artifact Power: Sustenance
    - Eliminates your need for food and sleep. It will also prevent
      the nutrition draining effects of any attack used against you.

Vibrating Stick: (800cr)
  Artifact Power: Wormhole_warp
    - Lets you warp through the dimensional wormholes.

Claws of the Wolverine: (500cr)
  Artifact Power: Burrowing
    - Gives you the ability to burrow into the ground like a wolverine.

Ring of Flight: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: Flight
    - Allows you to FLY.
    - While flying, gain access to two more abilities:
      * VIEW, lists all players outdoors on your continent.
      * TRAVERSE <target>, appear in the skies above any target in the same
        area as you.

Medal of Meritorious Bureaucracy: (25cr)
  Artifact Power: Clanslot
    - By polishing your medal, you can increase your number
      of clan slots.

Interdimensional Planar Wedge: (Increases the size of your cache)
  Artifact Power: Cache_extension
    - Level 1         Double the size         250cr
    - Level 2         Triple the size         500cr
    - Level 3         Quadruple the size     1000cr

Crystal of Rebirth: (100cr)
  Artifact Power: Rebirth
    - By CRACKing the crystal, you can gain a reincarnation.
      Whenever you are at maximum health and mana, just REINCARNATE
      INTO <statpack> <race>.

Clay Flowerpot (200 cr)
    - Grow up to six flowers in this pot, or eighteen if you have the
      Floristry talent! Every day, you will have a 1 in 3 chance of
      receiving a new flower for every empty slot left in your pot.

A homing Pigeon (50 cr)
  Artifact Power: homing_pigeon
    - Mail a letter without having to be at the post office.

Bottomless Letter Satchel (50 cr)
  Artifact Power: Letter_sheaf
    - Get unlimited letters from your satchel. Note that the letters
      taken from the satchel are not able to be given away, if they
      are they will simply melt away. They can only leave your
      inventory by being mailed.

Wyrmscale moneypouch (100 cr)
    - Stores only gold, but can only be accessed by the owner. Prevents
      others from ever being able to force you to remove gold from it.

Wyrmskin pack (100 cr)
    - These packs hold 100 items instead of 50. Pack never decays.

Secure Keyring (50cr)
  Artifact Power: Keyring
    - ATTACH <key> TO <keyring>, REMOVE <key #> FROM KEYRING.
      Can only be done by the owner and resets to your inventory
      once per hour.

Entwined Lockets (250cr)
  Artifact Power: Paired
    - Find someone with another locket, and TOUCH locket
      to locket (both must be in the same inventory). From then
      on, you can TOUCH LOCKET to travel to that person as long
      as they are on the same continent.

Collar of Domination (50cr)
  Artifact Power: dominate_collar
    - Dominate an entity permanently (excluding Golgotha).
      will give you unlimited pacts with an entity. A collar
      will work on a single entity, and be destroyed afterwards.
      Use DECLARE COLLAR once you've begun dominating to use this.

Staff of Illusion (500cr)
  Artifact Power: illusion
    - If held, the staff allows the use of the Subterfuge ability of

    Syntax: CONJURE ILLUSION <victim|NOBODY> <text>

Goggles of Whitesight: (150cr)
   Artifact power: whitesight
    - Enables you to see in blizzards.

Gem of Adaptation: (750cr)
   Artifact Power: adaptation
    - Lets you change your statpack once whenever you change to a new
      active class.

Map of Sapience: (100cr)
    Artifact power: monuments
    - Give the player the monuments skill from survival and
      allows them to mark up to 10 monuments. It also slightly
      reduces the balance costs of the WALK TO command.

Artifact power: polymath (750cr)
 - This artifact will reduce the cooldown between switching classes to
   one hour.

A seal of besmirchment (125 cr)
A one-time use artifact. Remove yourself from your family bloodline. PRESS MARK while standing in the bloodline registry office.
*NOTE 1*: This will mark your parents as [redacted].
*NOTE 2*: This also removes your children, and marks their parents as [redacted].
*NOTE 3*: Neither you, nor your children, may take on new parents.

A ylembic resonator (60 cr)
    Artifact power: fracture_alert
    - This artifact will alert the holder whenever someone enters the 
      Iernian Fracture.

A Banner of Dominance (200 cr)
    Artifact power: dominance
    - When you kill someone, a copy of the banner will be staked through 
      your victim's corpse, declaring your dominance over them. The corpse 
      will be indestructible and unmovable from that location until it 
      decays. This effect will only trigger once per Aetolian day.

A Pill of Transmogrification (150 cr)
    Artifact power: transmogrification
    - A one-time use artifact that will switch your gender when consumed.

A Shief of Falsified Documents (150 cr)
   Artifact Power: age_disguise
   - This item allows you to disguise your age/birthday upon your honors - 
     score will still show your real birthday. It cannot make you younger
     than 18, or born earlier than 12th of Arios, year 35.
   - SETAGE <day> <month> <year>, e.g. SETAGE 12 VARIACH 100

A Shopping Guidebook (150 cr)
   Artifact Power: directory
   - Allows you to use the shop directory command from anywhere, for anywhere.
   - DIRECTORY <city|ALL> <search query>

An Impassable Gorget (75 cr)
   Artifact Power: durable_walls
   - This artifact will triple the length that icewalls, firewalls, thornwalls and lightwalls will stay in existence for before naturally expiring.

A demonic lithograph (300 cr)
   Artifact Power: lithograph
   - This demon will etch the current location, as you see it via LOOK, onto a slide. Store a picture of any event! The slides will eventually decay, but the demon is capable of remembering up to 50 pictures and can remake any of the pictures stored in memory. Use the LITHOGRAPH command to interact with it.

A demonic transcriber (300 cr)
   Artifact Power: transcriber
   - This demon is a master of mimicry! When used, it will listen to any speech in its location, and can recite it again later. The demon can remember up to 50 different conversations. Use the TRANSCRIBER command to interact with it.

A lens of essence tracing (75 cr)
   Artifact Power: lastlogin
   - This artifact allows you to use the LASTLOGIN command on any of your mutual allies, letting you see how many days ago they last logged in!

An enigmatic atlas (150 cr)
   Artifact Power: atlas
   - This artifact adds a line to SURVEY that informs you what percentage of the local area you have explored.

A bloodied runestone (200 cr)
   Artifact Power: huntsense
   - Allows access to the HUNTSENSE and HUNTTRAVEL commands. Huntsense informs you of the status of all the Hunting Grounds in an identical fashion to touching one of the cairns, as well as the names of anybody who is in the Hunting Grounds. HUNTTRAVEL is a delayed, channeled travel to the Hunting Grounds itself, so long as you are on the mainland, and Prime Plane. It also has same entry conditions as the regular cairn entry.

A tattoo stencil (400 cr)
   Artifact Power: extra_tattoo
   - This tattoo stencil allows unlocks the 'body' tattoo slot, allowing you to obtain an extra tattoo. Does not stack, meaning it's only possible to get one extra slot. Only works for the owner.

A runed steel bit (3 cr)
One time use. When your mount dies, it will go back to the stables instead - the bit going away to make this happen. So, it must be re-purchased each time. You can FASTEN BIT to put it onto your mount.