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Auresae, the Goddess of Fire is an amalgamation of a mortal vessel and the great spirit of consumption, the elemental essence of Fire. Her existence was preceded by the death of Lord Rahn and, with Mebrene lacking a vessel, the world was bereft of light and warmth. Even the sun was extinguished from existence, and only when a shell was found in the girl Oniala did Fire return once more. Today She is known as the sovereign of Fire, Fervor and Acuity.

From the top of the roiling Pillar in the Peshwar Delta, the Goddess watches over mortals and all of Sapience, both a benevolent deity and one unwavering in Her stance against Undeath and corruption. The Lady of Fire boasts devout followers from Enorian and the wilds of the Duiran Council alike, holding those who actively seek to purge the lands of such taint in great favour. 

The duality of Her nature is well known: though She and Her followers are often sought as means of redemption and self-purification for those mortals who would turn to Life once more, Lady Auresae and those close to Her do not shy from more violent means to an end; many would attest to Her kindness and good nature but the tales of those who invoke Her ire bear testament to the full, unforgiving force of Fire.

Symbols of historical significance common to the Goddess include: a firefly encased in amber, the salamander, the scintilily flower, obsidian, emberite, and, for its unique properties, mithril. The latter four are those considered most prevalent in tokens of Her in recent times.