Avoidance - Aetolia Online Help

9.1.1 Avoidance

As you train in Avoidance, you will learn the art of controlling your
prana-musculature in order to avoid physical attacks (such as a sword) or
lessen the damage received from a physical attack by partially dodging it and
thus taking the wound on a less damaging place.

There are five different Dodge/Divert types:
   * Melee   - Cutting/blunt damage melee attacks.
   * Ranged  - Ranged physical attacks, such as arrows, and throwing.
   * Charges - Any attack which moves the user from one room to another.
   * Upsets  - Avoiding balance and equilibrium loss on attacks.
   * All     - All of the above, but with a far smaller chance.

It is important to note that the only Dodging/Diverting type which will work
against NPCs is the "Melee" type (Sidestep/Jerk). After you have successfully
dodged any attack, there is a small (2 second) cooldown before you may dodge

Your chance to dodge an attack is modified by several factors:

== Dexterity ==

For each point of Dexterity one has over 13, they will gain an extra 1% chance
to dodge an attack.
For each point of Dexterity one has under 13, they will lose an extra 2% chance
to dodge an attack.

== Armour ==

Heavier armour will grant a penalty to your dodging chance, but will give you
a bonus to your diversion chance.

Armour type       Dodge     Divert
Full/Field         -5%        +5%
Splint             -4%        +4%
Chain              -3%        +3%
Scale              -2%        +2%
Ring               -1%        +1%
Leather             0%        0%