Through the epochs, the Goddess of Corruption has stalked the lands, preying on those who are easily swayed by dreams of power, or greatness. She has engendered some of the greatest tragedies of the ages, tainted the greatest of sages, warriors and defenders of the light. Not even the Grand Artifice could erase the fear stirred by Her deeds.

Twilight is the hour of encroaching darkness, when men fall most easily to their darker desires, where the unwary mind falls most easily to persuasion. Twilight is when the Consanguine emerge from their daylight prisons, stalking the lands anew. Chakrasul holds this hour to be pivotal; Her favoured children rise, and men's minds are most receptive to Her. The temptation lies in wait for the surrender to one's darkest desires.

Should one wish to learn of the surrender or more about Her spiral, they can visit the Isle of Despair. There one can see the truth of what strength lies within corruption and see if they are strong enough to endure.

Things to note - Her current vessel is Ellada. Djeir is quite precious to Her because of Her previous vessel, the since deceased Empress Irijali. She is fond of the truth in mirrors, the hue of green (be it jade or emerald), and the duskywing butterflies. It is rumored that the Bastion of Illidon's Keeper, Eridin, was once a chosen of Hers.