CLIENTS - Aetolia Online Help


A client is a program you run on your computer that allows you to play
Aetolia. It can range from the Nexus client on our web page
( to the Windows telnet program, to more
elaborate and useful programs such as Zmud.

Aside from simply letting you connect to Aetolia, the major function of a
client is to provide you with macros. A macro is a single command or a
series of commands assigned to a single key. You COULD just use Aetolia's
internal alias system (HELP ALIASES) but it is recommended you use a client
as well. If you're interested in player vs. player combat, don't make the
mistake of thinking you can do without a capable client with full-featured
macro capabilities. Even if you typed 150 words a minute, you could not type
fast enough.

Because there are so many different clients available, it is not possible to
cover how to use them here. However, you may find links to some common
clients at