The Minister of Security in each city-state (see HELP SECURITY and HELP
MINISTRIES) is responsible for setting bounties on the heads of city
enemies. In order to see what bounties a city has set, go to the
Constabulary in that city. There will be many sketchings of who is
wanted, and how much the bounty is.

Keep in mind that the one placing a bounty on someone's head is
responsible for providing a reason for doing so. The person claiming the
bounty needs to be aware of this reason to be able to properly provide
the reason if asked for it.

Note that when a bounty has been placed upon your head, the reason      
supplied by the setter will be made known to you. Thus, anyone who seeks
to kill you will be doing so for this reason.                           

When the bounty is claimed, you will also receive a message telling you 

BOUNTIES                  : Shows you the bounties that have been set against
                            you. If used in a city's Constabulary, will show
                            a list of available bounties.

CLAIM BOUNTY ON <whoever> : Claim a bounty on someone. You must have
                            either the corpse or the head of the person
                            whom you wish to claim the bounty on. This
                            must be done in the Constabulary of the
                            city that posted the bounty.