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7.10 Containers

There are dozens of containers around the realm, but there are a few in particular that are important for any adventurer who hopes to keep a full supply of healing items.

They can be manipulated in many ways.

Vials are a must-have for both undead and mortal adventurers. Elixirs, salves and serums all go into vials. When the container is full, the vial can simply be referred to by that name. When a vial is empty, it can be referred to as 'empty'. If you wish to empty a vial, you can EMPTY (vial or elixir-type) to do so.

Depending on what is in the vial, it is used in different ways; elixirs you must SIP or DRINK, salves you APPLY, and serums you STICK, provided you have a needle. 

All mortals and choice classes of vampires use pipes. They are containers designed to house herbs that can be ingested by smoking. Pipes are useless unless they are ignited, using a tinderbox. LIGHT PIPE(S) will allow you to do this, but unless it is an artifact pipe, it will go out after some time. 

When ignited, ingesting the herb is as easy as SMOKE PIPE. It is also possible to refer to a pipe by the name of the herb inside of it - SMOKE VALERIAN. An empty pipe can be referred to as 'emptypipe'.

Bandages are used in reanimation, which are the containers designed for poultices. Poultices are applied when you PRESS BANDAGE, or PRESS (poultice). When a bandage is empty it can be referred to as 'clean'. You can also SCRAPE (bandage) to clean a bandage off.

A syringe is the needle-pointed contraption which stores tinctures. Before you can INJECT SYRINGE, or INJECT (syringe), you must FLICK SYRINGE(S). After a short while, the syringe will settle again, unless you own an artifact syringe. You can also SQUIRT (syringe) to empty it.