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22.4 Crafting References

If you are holding a pattern, mold, diagram or recipe and ponder what you should call it in your descriptions, here is a small reference list. If the item is not listed here, you may only refer to the obvious item. Such examples are boots, vial, choker and porridge.                     

a plain armband                    armband | band
a gray, drab bodice                bodice | corset
a pair of plain grey boxers        boxers | shorts | underwear | underpants    
a plain grey bra                   bra | brassiere
a pair of plain leather bracers    bracers | bracer | wristguard | wristguards
                                   vambrace | cuff
a long grey cape                   cape | longcape
a short grey cape                  cape | shortcape
a grey eyepatch                    eyepatch | patch | eye-patch
a simple flag                      flag | banner
a plain gray gambeson              gambeson | coat
a simple falconry glove            glove | gauntlet | glove
a pair of leather gloves           gloves | gauntlets | glove
a plain grey gown                  gown | bliaut
a plain grey dress                 dress | sundress
a grey hat                         hat | cap | headdress | bonnet | turban
a plain cap                        cap | coif
a plain brown hood                 hood | cowl
a plain grey long coat             longcoat | overcoat | coat | sherwani
a plain grey pack                  pack | backpack | rucksack
a plain pair of panties            panties | underwear
a plain grey robe                  robe | robes
a pair of plain sandals            sandals | shoes
a grey shirt                       shirt | top
a plain grey undershirt            shirt | undershirt
a plain grey sweater               shirt | pullover | sweater
a plain grey short coat            shortcoat | jacket | coat | doublet
a grey short skirt                 skirt | shortskirt | skirts
a grey long skirt                  skirt | longskirt | skirts
a plain grey surcoat               surcoat | coat | jerkin
a pair of grey trousers            trousers | pants | breeches
                                   leggings | knickers | slacks
a simple thong                     thong | underwear | underpants
a pair of stockings                stockings | hosen            
a plain pair of underpants         underwear | underpants | briefs
a plain leather weaponbelt         weaponbelt | belt | bandolier
a plain white veil                 veil | headscarf
a plain belt                       belt | hipscarf | cummerbund
a plain white tablecloth           tablecloth | tablerunner
a set of plain sheets              sheet | sheets | bedsheets
a plain grey apron                 apron | smock
a plain grey cushion               cushion | pillow
a plain grey pouch                 pouch | purse
a plain grey bandana               bandana | kerchief
a plain grey cravat                cravat | necktie | tie
a plain grey kitbag                kitbag | bag
a plain grey hairribbon            hairribbon | hairribbons | ribbons
                                   ribbon | hairtie
a set of grey curtains             curtains | curtain | drapes
an ornate tapestry                 tapestry | hanging
a plain grey scarf                 scarf | stole
a plain grey vest                  vest | waistcoat
a plain leather scabbard           scabbard | sheath
a plain grey cloak                 cloak | burnoose
a pair of grey overalls            overalls | coveralls
a grey streamer                    streamer | garland | streamers
a drab grey leotard                leotard | bodysuit
a simple leather wineskin          wineskin | skin | waterskin 
plain brown boots                  boots | jackboots

a simple book                      book | tome | diary | grimoire | ledger
                                   manual | sketchbook
a wooden comb                      comb | brush
a simple riding crop               crop | ridingcrop
a water gourd                      gourd | watergourd
a wooden practicesword             practicesword | sword
a hefty shovel                     shovel | spade
a plain tankard                    tankard | flagon | mug
a plain totem                      totem | totems
a wooden statuette                 statuette | figurine | trophy
a plain wooden box                 box | bin | case | kit
a simple paper bag                 paperbag | bag
a plain wooden chest               chest | locker
a coffin                           coffin | sarcophagus
a wooden cane                      cane | staff

a polished gold wedding band       band | ring
a length of prayer beads           beads | prayerbeads
a thin gold bracelet               bracelet | bracelets | bangle | bangles
a simple windchime                 chime | windchime
a circlet of beaten gold           circlet | crown | headband | diadem |
                                   tikka | coronet
a simple pendant                   necklace | pendant | locket | amulet
a pair of spectacles               spectacles | glasses | spectacle |
a simple medal                     medal | medallion | badge | insignia
a gold-framed monocle              monocle | eyeglass
the stone bust of a woman          bust | figurine
a simple glass                     glass | flute | tumbler
a plain clay cup                   cup | chalice | goblet
a simple silver armband            armband | torc
a simple brass box                 box | bin | case
a gold stud earring                earring | earrings | hoop | hoops | stud
a linked silver chain              chain | chains
a simple, delicate birdcage        birdcage | cage | pen
a fragile glass jar                jar | jars
a plain silver necklace            necklace | torc
a plain silver hairpin             hairpin | pin | hairclip | hairpiece
a polished silver shaker           shaker | mixer | cocktail 
a sturdy glass pitcher             pitcher | jug | ewer | bottle | decanter
a simple porcelain teapot          teapot | pot | kettle
a small silver charm               charm | trinket | token
a plain brooch                     brooch | pin
a simple sceptre                   sceptre | scepter | rod

a golden loaf of corn bread        cornbread | loaf | flatbread
a small bag of chocolate toffee    chocolate | candy
some white buttercream frosting    frosting | icing
a plain pancake                    pancake | pancakes
a bland pudding                    pudding | dessert
a thin, bland crepe                crepe | crepes
a bland dessert bar                bar | dessert
a bowl of soup                     soup | bowl | pottage | chowder
a plate of roasted vegetables      plate | dish | platter
a small bowl of porridge           porridge | oatmeal | bowl | gruel
a chocolate roll                   roll | rolls | pastry | bun
a mass of dried noodles            noodles | bowl | pasta
an uninteresting kebab             kebab | kebabs | skewer
a blueberry tart                   tart | tartlette
a small pinch of salt              pinch | blend
a bland beef roast                 roast
a cucumber sandwich                sandwich | roll
a simple omelet                    omelet | omelette

a fireplace                        fireplace | hearth | firepit
a sprawling tub                    tub | bathtub | basin | bath
a cushioned couch                  couch | sofa | seat | divan
a sturdy workbench                 workbench | bench | pew
a simple chair                     chair | seat | throne
a plain stone statue               statue | monument | sculpture | idol
a huge wooden frame                frame | painting | mural | portrait | mosaic
a simple podium                    podium | pedestal | dais | stage
a display cabinet                  display | cabinet | shelf 
a simple wooden buffet             buffet | bar
a simple loveseat                  loveseat | seat | seats
a simple wooden table              table | altar
a simple wooden stool              stool | footstool
a simple metal cot                 cot | crib
a simple wooden buffet             buffet | bar | counter
a folding screen                   screen | divider | partition
a basic perch                      perch | roost
a simple wine rack                 rack | stand
a simple wardrobe                  wardrobe | closet

a festive garland                  garland | streamer | streamers
a brilliant lei                    lei | garland
a floral crown                     crown | wreath | circlet | coronet

a cast-iron cooking pot            pot | skillet | roaster | stockpot | pan
a suit of ring mail                ringmail | ring armour
a suit of scale mail               scalemail | scale armour
a suit of steel chain mail         chainmail | chain armour
a suit of splint mail              splintmail | splint armour       
a suit of field plate armour       fieldplate | platemail
a suit of full plate armour        fullplate | plate armour
a pair of large pauldrons          pauldrons | pauldron | spaulders