DESIGN APPROVAL - Aetolia Online Help


To become a mortal approver, you must first join the Crafting Guild, as
shown in HELP CRAFTING. If you wish to be informed whenever a design    
joins the queue, CONFIG DESIGNS ON is an option.

Once you have done so, you will be able to see the DESIGN QUEUE, or just
DESIGN Q. In this, you will see designs awaiting approval from any
crafts you possess. Much like creating your own designs, you may use
DESIGN <number> APPEARANCE/DROPPED/EXAMINED to make small changes. You
may also DESIGN <number> APPROVE and DESIGN <number> REJECT <reason>.
See below for guidelines on doing so.


Your aims are as a mortal approver are fairly simple. You are to assess
designs in the queue for grammar, spelling, and appropriate

These are the things you should NOT be doing:

 - Making sure each design is completely perfect.
 - 'Improving' designs to meet your own quality standards. Your opinion
   on wording is not valid. What is valid is the above stated items.
 - Push your friends' designs through without subjecting them
   to the same scrutiny others receive.


If changes are required for a design, most of the time they should be
rejected for the designer to fix unless they are minor. Fixing "cudd" to
say "cuff", or changing "a pair lie here" to "lies here" is acceptable.
Rewriting sentences, changing commodities, rejections for pedantic
reasons are not.

 - Follow all the guidelines in HELP DESIGNGUIDELINES. As you
   are most likely a designer too, this should not be difficult.

 - Give clear, concise reasons for rejections. Explain what
   needs to rearranged, spelled correctly, rewritten, et cetera.
   "This sucks" or anything similar is not an acceptable
   rejection, and will see you punished if you are caught doing

 - On the same note, repeated failure to take note of spelling
   and grammatical errors will also see your ability to approve
   revoked. Be careful! Check every time that it has the right
   item type, the right lengths, correct spelling and grammar,
   and that it follows all our guidelines.

 - Insults, profanity, and otherwise abusive behavior
   conducted via the comments of a design will be extremely
   frowned upon, and offenders can and will have their design 
   submission and approval privileges revoked.

Designs do not need to be interesting or unique. They could be just
another pair of plain black leather boots, with a dreary two-line
examined - and that is acceptable. You do not have to wear it, you do
not have to sell it. Your only problem is ensuring it is correct as far
as language goes.

Remember, Becue and the crafting gnomes have final say on all matters.
Both this help and HELP DESIGNGUIDELINES are exactly that - guidelines.
Don't be pedantic to the letter about ensuring items are perfectly how
you want them to be - as long as they are appropriate to Aetolia, the
spelling is correct and the grammar passable, your job is done.


Nourishment values, save for rations, are set at 45 across the board. 
This was done during a liaison and will not be reverted back.


This applies to the new crafting system where anything can be added to
a design. When approving, make sure that the proper components have
been added to the design. If a recipe speaks of meat, there should be
some kind of meat among the ingredients. If a doll is made of cloth and
leather, there should be both cloth and leather among the commodities.
This does not mean that all details require a commodity, but should they
take a large part of the design they should be represented. Use common
sense when rejecting a design because of this. Tailored items should for
example not include forged or jewelcrafted things, though a collar with
numerous obsidian studs should have obsidian added as a component.