DHAR, THE UNDERKING - Aetolia Online Help


All that exists must eventually come to an end, and all that truly lives
must die. In death lies the ultimate justice, for all are equal there,  
and earthly possessions and status hold no sway on judgment. The        
followers of Dhar will often pride themselves in dispatching swift      
justice, and can always be sought to be a balanced judge. As a farmer   
harvests his fields to collect what the season has produced, so does    
Lord Dhar harvest the soul, and that which is produced in the season of 
life is reaped. All that has been done will be accounted for.           
A solemnity is kept among His followers, and often they will be quiet   
but well spoken. The beauty of silence is studied and observed, for one 
can only speak what they already know; only when one listens can he
learn. It is for this reason that disciples of Dhar are often known for 
their brevity.

The timeless Underking keeps a vigilant watch over His domain; the 
Underhalls, realm of the souls. With the death of His Sister, Lleis, He 
has absorbed many responsibilities from the Goddess of Renewal and taken a 
much more active interest in the world of the living.