ESTEEM - Aetolia Online Help

19.19 ESTEEM

This system allows you to express your feelings of other players'       

Mechnically, the system has no effect whatever, apart from allowing you 
to tell another player how you feel about what they've done.            

Please note that this system is entirely OOC and has no bearing on      
anything that occurs in game.                                           


ESTEEM - shows you how many more times you can express esteem for       
someone today. This refreshes approximately every 12 hours.             

ESTEEM OFF - prevents other players expressing their esteem for you, if 
you are so inclined.                                                    

ESTEEM ON - allows other players to once again express their esteem for 

EXPRESS ESTEEM FOR <person> <reason> - Express your esteem for another  
player. The reason has a minimum length of 20 characters and the person 
who you are expressing your esteem for will be told both your name and  
the reason you are expressing it.