Geography - Aetolia Online Help

12 Geography

12.1  Sapience          The continent of Sapience.
   12.2  Highways          The highway system of Aetolia.
   12.3  Pools             The Pools of Creation.
   12.4  Cave              The Cave of Resurrection.
   12.5  Yggdrasil         The World Tree.
   12.6  Flame             The Flame of Yggdrasil.
   12.7  Thera             A once-central village.

   12.8  The Cities and Council of Aetolia
      12.8.1  Bloodloch       The City of the Undead.
      12.8.2  Duiran          Heart of the Great Oak.
      12.8.3  Enorian         The Beacon of Light.
      12.8.4  Esterport       The City of Trade.
      12.8.5  Spinesreach     The City of Spires.

   12.9  The Villages of Sapience
      12.9.1  Aerie           The Atavian Aerie.
      12.9.2  Arbothia        The village of Arbothia.
      12.9.3  Attica          The Village of Attica.
      12.9.4  Craneskull      The Craneskull Encampment.
      12.9.5  Dolbodi         The Dolbodi Campsite.
      12.9.6  Eleusis         The village of Eleusis.
      12.9.7  Haven           The Arurer Haven.
      12.9.8  Jaru            The village of Jaru.
      12.9.9  Jazira          The desert village of el'Jazira.
      12.9.10 Kornar          The Village of Kornar.
      12.9.11 Mitrine         A village of plainspeople.
      12.9.12 Mrenadh         The village of Mrenadh.
      12.9.13 Salma           The Salma settlement.
      12.9.14 Shastaan        Home of deadly to parasitic monsters. 
      12.9.15 Tainhelm        The Village of Tainhelm.
      12.9.16 Tasur\'ke        The seaside village of Tasur'ke.
      12.9.17 Torston         The village of Torston.
      12.9.18 Xoral           The Xoral Settlement.
      12.9.19 Xaanhal         Xorani settlement of Xaanhal
      12.9.20 Dennel          The ruins of Dennel.
      12.9.23 Bihrkaen        The Village of Bihrkaen.
      12.9.24 Hubride         The Village of Hubride.
      12.9.25 Heylai          The Village of Heylai.

   12.10 Newbie areas
      12.10.1  Slaver\'s       Slaver's Isle.
      12.10.2  Crags          The Crags.
      12.10.3  Evlasu         The community of Evlasu.
      12.10.4  Kalebb         The Valley of Kalebb.
      12.10.5  Liris          The Beaches of Liris.
      12.10.6  Lodi           The magical Valley of Lodi.  Gorshire      A gnomish village in Lodi.
      12.10.7  Rahveir        The village of Rahveir.
      12.10.8  Sehal          The home of the Imps.
      12.10.9  Yohanan        The Village of Yohanan.

   12.11 Islands
      12.11.1  Asper          The Isle of Asper.
      12.11.2  Ollin          The Isle of Ollin.
      12.11.3  Polyargos      The Isle of Polyargos.
      12.11.4  Ulangi         The forest island of Ulangi.
      12.11.5  Mostyn         The isle of Mostyn.
      12.11.6  Tcanna         Tcanna Island.
      12.11.7  Libec Cay      Libec Cay and Kelun Harbor.
      12.11.8  Isle of Despair The Isle of Despair.

   12.12 Forests
      12.12.1  Bloodwood      The Bloodwood.   
      12.12.2  Aureliana      The Aureliana Forest.
      12.12.3  Ithmia         The Ithmian forests.
      12.12.4  Itzatl         The Itzatl Rainforest.
      12.12.5  Kalydian       The Kalydian Forest
      12.12.6  Morgun         The Morgun Forest.
      12.12.7  Ilhavon        Mostyn's Ilhavon Forest.
      12.12.8  Augerweald     The Forest of Augerweald.

   12.13 Lowlands
      12.13.1  DryPlains      The dusty northern plains.
      12.13.2  Hashan         Ruins north of the Ithmia.
      12.13.3  Liruma         The wide scrublands.
      12.13.4  Mamashi        The Mamashi Grasslands.
      12.13.5  Mannaseh       The Mannaseh swamp.
      12.13.6  Mhojave        The Mhojave desert.
      12.13.7  Rebels         Rebels' Ridge.
      12.13.8  ThreeRocks     The Three Rock Outpost.
      12.13.9  Tundra         The Southern Tundra.
      12.13.10 Vilimo         The Fields of Vilimo.
      12.13.11 Wastes         The Festering Wastes.
      12.13.12 West Tundra    The Western Tundra.

   12.14 Mountains, hills and valleys
      12.14.1  Ciem           The Citadel of Ciem.
      12.14.2  Dakhota        The Dakhota hills.
      12.14.3  Dun            The Dun Valley.
      12.14.4  Goreskrat      The valley of Goreskrat.
      12.14.5  Masilia        The Ruins of Masilia.
      12.14.6  Kentorakro     The region of Kentorakro.
      12.14.7  Pash           The Pash Valley.
      12.14.8  Putoran        The Putoran Hills. Monastery        The Monastery of the Chroniclers        
      12.14.9  Raim           The Raim Vale.
      12.14.10 Scidve         The Valley of Scidve.  Scidve Cove    The beaches of Scidve. 
      12.14.11 Siroccians     Volcanic mountains populated by orcs. Nal\'jin      An underground lake deep in the tunnels.      
      12.14.12 Shamtota       The Shamtota hills.
      12.14.13 Tarea          The Tarea Mountains.
      12.14.14 Vashnar        The mighty Vashnar mountains.
      12.14.15 Alaqsii        The Alaqsii Inlet.
      12.14.16 Hunting Grounds The Hunting Grounds.
      12.14.17 Humgurd        Mount Humgurd.
      12.14.18 Skythrone      The Skythrone.

   12.15 Caves and underground
      12.15.1  Ayhesa         Ayhesa Cliffs.
      12.15.2  Azdun          The Azdun dungeon.  Black Keep     A break in time and space.  Siha Dylis     The goblin and kobold settlement.
      12.15.3  Beastlords     The dungeon of the Beastlords.
      12.15.4  Djeir          The underground empire.
      12.15.5  Drakuum        The Caverns of Drakuum.
      12.15.6  Fengard        The Fengard Keep.
      12.15.7  FeralCaves     The Feral Caves.
      12.15.8  LichGardens    The Lich Gardens.
      12.15.9  MamashiTunnels The Mamashi Tunnels.
      12.15.10 Moghedu        Moghedu, mountainhome of the Mhun.
      12.15.11 Mor            The caverns of Mor.
      12.15.12 Telfinne       The Caverns of Telfinne.
      12.15.13 Torturer\'s     The Torturer's Caverns.
      12.15.14 Tornos         The Halls of Tornos.
      12.15.15 Iernian        The Iernian Fracture.
      12.15.16 Raugol         The Raugol Fissure.
      12.15.17 Warrens        The Shastaan Warrens.
      12.15.18 Snakepit       The snake pit.
      12.15.19 Packmoot       The Packmoot
      12.15.20 Illdon         The Bastion of Illdon
      12.15.21 Iviofiyiedu    Lost city of the dead.
      12.15.12 Labyrinth      The twisting Hlugnic Labyrinth.
      12.15.22 Luzith\'s Lair  Luzith's Lair.
      12.15.23 Gloaming       The Cathedral of Gloaming.
      12.15.24 Maghuir        The Maghuir Fissure.
      12.15.25 Centipede Cave The Centipede Caves.
      12.15.26 Teshen Caves   The Teshen Caldera/Undercroft.

   12.16 Oceans            
      12.16.1 Kelsys          The great underwater city.
      12.16.2 Riparium        The underwater kingdom of the merfolk.
      12.16.3 ForgottenDome   The Forgotten Dome.

   12.17 Other                Areas defying description.
      12.17.1 Cradle          Tecpatl's Cradle, once the Garden of Dreams. Ka-la-kai        The Great Street of Ka-la-kai.
      12.17.2 ShatteredVortex The Shattered Vortex. Vortex           Explanation of the PK-ness of it. Vortex Merch     A list of available merchandise.