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17.4.2 Giftbags

Giftbags are often given away during promotions, such as Ironbeard. They will contain one of the prizes selected randomly from the following list:

(NOTE: Artifacts obtained in giftbags are bound to you, they cannot be traded!)

Between 3000 and 9000 gold.

An edible product that grants you a bonus when consumed.
One of:
* Grimstin pills, which grant you a bonus to critical.
* Phoenix heart, which restores your endurance to full.
* Red Bull's eye, which restores your willpower to full.
* Mint chocolate, which grants bonus exp gain.
* Caramel chocolate, which grants more damage vs NPCs.
* Hazelnut chocolate, which grants a boon to your stats.
* Strawberry chocolate, which grants you extra health and mana.

Double Experience Chalice
The chalice will not be bound to you, so you can give it away or sell it. The giftbag will also contain 25000 to 35000 gold.

10 Iron Coins
POLISH the iron coin item to properly add it to your balance. Giftbag will also contain 4500 to 9500 gold.

An artifact keyring
Giftbag will also contain 12500 to 25000 gold.

Artifact vials
Between two and five artifact vials.

Goggles of Whitesight
As sold by Qeddwyn.

A reincarnation crystal
As sold by Qeddwyn.

A minor artifact
One of the following artifacts, as sold by Qeddwyn:
* A girdle of fortitude
* A wooden ring of vigour
* Bracers of devastation
* A banner of dominance
* An ocular of the havens
* A white soulstone

A lesser artifact
One of the following artifacts, as sold by Qeddwyn:
* Boots of the spider
* Mask of lifevision
* Wand of portals
* Sulfurous Amulet
* Eagle Wings

An iron coin artifact
One of the following artifacts, as sold by Qeddwyn:
* A libram of enlightenment
* A divining skull
* A signet ring

A discount token*
Gives you a 33% discount on your next artifact purchase. Simply BUY the artifact from Qeddwyn's shop and the token will automatically be used. If you do not wish to use the token, simply put it into your pack until you've finished shopping. Only works for CREDIT artifacts.

A customization certificate*

A heavily-etched silver token*  
REDEEM this token to learn a language instantly!

Tokens and certificates are bound to you and cannot be given away. These items have no value by themselves and cannot be traded in.