GREAT HUNT - Aetolia Online Help


The Great Hunt is a competition that comes to Aetolia once or twice     
every decade. In it, hunters compete to see who can acquire the most    
points by slaying the monsters and denizens of the realm. Depending on  
the strength of the creature slain, hunters can gain from 1 to 5 points 
towards their total score. Credit prizes are generally awarded for      
reaching certain point thresholds, as well as for ranking in the Top 10 
at the end of the Great Hunt.                                           

   See a list of the current rankings.

   See your current score in the Great Hunt.

   See your rank in your current level tier. The tiers are broken into ranks 
   according to level at the beginning of the hunt. Tier one are levels 1-39, 
   tier two 41-79 and tier three is 80+.