HORSEMANSHIP - Aetolia Online Help


Horsemanship is a miniskill (HELP MINISKILLS) that provides the user of 
it abilities pertaining to riding and caring for a steed.               

If you are mounted on a steed capable of flying, you may use SPUR MOUNT 
SKYWARDS to have it take you up into the skies.                         

Mounts may be bought from stables across the land. Owners of mounts may 
also keep their steeds in these stables, so that they are not in danger 
from anything in the outside world. The various stables are:            

Bloodloch       - A cavernous stable (northwest of Enzo, the Exterminator)
Duiran          - Roaming grounds of a wild herd (southeast of A small grove
                  overlooking the Myesis.)
El'Jazira       - A sandy stable (east of the clearing before the Sheik's
Enorian         - A fragrant stable (north of The Eastern Medina, which is
                  northeast, then east of the Medina proper)
Spinesreach     - The Wintersbreeze Stables (west of the Wintersbreeze Inn)
Dahkota Hills   - An exotic stable (northeast of Hillside Wood, near the
                  entrance to Azdun)
Delos           - The Delosian Stables (south of Outside the walls of the 
                  Fields of Valor)
Mournhold       - Within a cold, draughty stable (near the entrance).
Northern Tundra - A small, cramped storage nook (west of the main village)

Within the Delosian Stables, a runed steel bit is sold, which saves your mount from one death and will instead return it to the stable. After purchased, you must FASTEN the bit to your steed. 

The commands to stable your mount, remove it again from the stable and  
see your stabled mounts are as follows:                                 

- Use this to list all stables you have permissions to use.

- List the locations of all mounts you have in stables.

STABLE ADD <steed>
- Place your mount within the safety of the stable. You must be in the
  stable to do this command.

- Remove a mount from a stable. This command must be issued in the
  stable the mount is in.

Some stores around the realm offer mount armour or saddlebags to further improve your mount. You can equip them with GIVE <mountarmor|saddlebags> TO <mount>. Regarding saddlebags, you may then PUT <item> IN <mount> and TAKE <item> FROM <mount> as you would with a regular container.