Hunting Areas - Aetolia Online Help

12.01 Hunting Areas

Your current hunting area getting a bit too easy for you? Not sure where you 
should be going next? Never fear, the AREAS command is here.

Simply type in AREAS to be presented with a list of popular hunting areas, and 
the recommended minimum level you should be before attempting to take on that 

You can filter down this list easily by supplying a minimum and maximum level in
the format of AREAS <min> <max>. For example, AREAS 20 40 will only level areas 
whose minimum level falls between 20 and 40.

Along with the area's name and recommended level, you will also be presented 
with a VNum. This will be the room number of a location inside the area, useful 
for utilizing the game's speedwalking system (HELP SPEEDWALK).

Please remember that the level recommendations are purely approximations, and as
such your mileage may vary.