Granted to Sahmie Rhashye at the time of her revelation, Illumination draws on
the power of light, and specifically on its incarnation in fire.  Those with
the power of Illumination believe that light is the natural state of all
things, and are devoted to focusing light on the world and ending the Midnight
Age.  An Illuminations adept works hard to attain a communion with the pure
essence of light inherent in himself and the world around him.  Once gained,
the adept can draw on that attunement to affect the world around him, to banish
the darkness from the world and bring forth a new Aetolian dawn.  To aid in
this attunement, the guild maintains a spectral flame in the guildhall, imbued
with the concentrated power of light.

Torchbearers for the light, the bringers of Illumination are the first heralds
of the end of the Midnight Age.  They stand firm and bright to destroy the
night and its minions.


Illumination is made up of a mix of attack and defense abilities; most of these
are evoked by calling upon the light or your attunement with the light.  Some
major abilities require drawing on the store of light shared by the guild. 
Each ability requires a small amount of the light you carry inside you.  To
refresh and invigorate yourself in the daily fight against the creeping night,
you must periodically meditate on the altared flame within your guildhall. 
Your guild as a whole must maintain the flame's strength through a series of
rituals, in which they act as a conduit for natural light to flow into the
flame and restore it to full power.