Liaison Reports - Aetolia Online Help

8.11 Liaison Reports

Players can indicate design problems with their class using Liaison 
reports. You are able to submit reports should you be transcendent in
the skillset you are submitting the report for. You are limited to one
report per Aetolian year per class slot you possess. When submitted,
your report will undergo review by the administration and liaisons.

Please note that Liaison reports are *NOT* bug reports. A bug is a skill
working in a way contrary to its stated function. A Liaison report is a 
design issue with the skillset itself that would change how the skill   
*should* work. Please continue to use BUG to report bugs.               

LIAISON LIST    - Lists all the liaisons.
REPORTS <skill> - Look at all reports filed for a specific skill.
REPORT <#>      - Look at a specific report in full.

- LIAISON NEW <skillset> <skillname>
Creates a new report under the specified skill and ability

- LIAISON <#> PROBLEM <description>
Specifies the problem your report seeks to address. Please be as
specific as possible and provide numbers when necessary. The more
detailed you are, the more likely your report will receive attention.

- LIAISON <#> SOLUTION <#> <description>
Provides a possible solution to your described problem. Again, be as
specific as possible and provide numbers. You are not required to
provide the maximum of three solutions, though the more viable
alternatives offered, the more likely a report will be given
consideration. Do not just repeat the same solution with slight
variations in your numbers.

Submits your report for consideration by liaisons. A report will not
count toward your annual maximum until it is submitted. You cannot
delete or retract a report once submitted, so think carefully!

You may comment on any of your proposed or submitted reports, though
only those which you have written.

If your report has not yet been submitted, you may delete it from your

Lists all of your current reports, their activity status, their
advancement status, and the number of reports remaining for you to

Please note, if you are proposing a new skill within a skillset, please
use NEW for the skillname.