LLEIS, THE VERDANT - Aetolia Online Help


First daughter of Varian, the Goddess Lleis once walked hand in hand with Her brothers, Life and Death.

But in a final act of sacrifice, the essence of Lleis was ripped apart by the corruption of Dendara, purging that plane of what ailed it and allowing the Great Tree of Eleusis to grow stronger and taller.  The full details of Her choice and its effects are told in EVENTS 127.  Since then, the Essence of Lleis and Her being have been absent of Aetolia.

Before that, however, and for untold years, Lleis presided over the Life of Sapience granting the gift of Birth and Rebirth, the promise of new life after death. From the Tear to the fungi sprouting from a rotting log, the Goddess of Renewal found a purpose for all living things. The machination of time and seasons are Her doing, a perfect system that perpetuated the never-ending Cycle of Life that all mortals take for granted and utterly enjoy.  As the minutes, hours, days, and months pass by so do the emergence of the Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. All four of them not only representing the turning of time, but also the life cycle of all living mortals from birth to eventual death.

Often called by Her Chosen the Lady of Mercy, Lleis was described by those with the privilege to have seen Her as a modest being, calm, and demure. Holding compassion closer to Her heart perhaps more than Her other Siblings, She prided Herself on personally guiding those in Her fold and healing the undead that might seek Her. 

Her realm was all that is green and growing, trees, flowers, and grass. However, though She was a benevolent Goddess, She did not promote nonviolence. She may have been gentle and soft spoken, but She was neither blind nor toothless.