Mapping Tools - Aetolia Online Help

6.23 Mapping Tools

Aetolia is a massive land with thousands of places to visit. Many new and experienced players have found themselves lost. In order to assist you, Aetolia has a series of maps to aid in your travels. 

You can view the map in a couple of different ways. First, you can just type in MAP. To see a larger view you can set the radius of the map with MAP RADIUS 5. Finally, you can view the map every time you move with CONFIG MAPVIEW ON.

Map Legend
 [+] = Your Current Location
 [^] = Up Exit
 [_] = Down Exit
 [<] = In Exit
 [>] = Out Exit
 [=] = Up and Down Exit
 [x] = Combo of In, Out, Up, or Down exits.
 [*] = Sense marker
 [$] = Shop
 [P] = Post office
 [C] = Commodity shop
 [T] = Treasury/bank
 [G] = Guildhall
 [B] = Building
 [H] = House
 [L] = Library
 [A] = Arena grounds
 [s] = Stable

Map Commands
- Display a map centered on your position.

- List all maps

MAP <room number>
- Display a map centered on the room number.

MAP <map> <x> <y> <z>
- Display a map in the designated map and coordinates.

MAP RADIUS <0 to 5>
- Set the height and width of your map viewer.

MAP HEIGHT <0 to 5>
- Set the height of your map viewer.

MAP WIDTH <0 to 5>
- Set the width of your map viewer.

- This will cause you to display the map whenever you move from room
  to room.