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4.3.11 Mhun

A race with no tie to any God and yet a firm commitment to their own ancestral faith, the Mhun are the long-suffering survivors of countless conflicts, wars, and regimes in the southwest. Shorter than Humans though taller than Dwarves, with dark skin, eyes, and hair, the race's most notable claims to fame are frugality and adaptability. Having recently escaped from the Mhojave region - and by extension, the influence of the city of Bloodloch - most Mhun reside beneath the Siroccian mountains, ruled by a strict, theocratic authority and divided by caste and function. Though some Mhun hail from this imposing regime, many others were born outside the mountainhome, the descendants of Mhun who once escaped from the mines of Moghedu. Some Mhun worship the seven Spirits, in accord with long-standing tradition, while others have embraced the Gods of Sapience, but very few members of the race find a middle ground between these two stances. Also common to Mhun is a fierce racial loyalty that often supersedes devotion to city, guild, and religion, and a blinding contempt for those whom they perceive as traitors to their race.

Racial Skills:
  Level 1 : Dig
  Level 25: Underground Regeneration
  Level 50: Blood Regeneration
  Level 75: Rock Crushing