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12.15.10 MOGHEDU

The entrance to Moghedu is located in the central Siroccians, at
the edge of a caved-in crater. It is said that there are many 
descending levels to Moghedu, and that it is quite populated,      
though this is difficult to ascertain as Moghedu has remained 
closed off from the outside world, instituting a rather precise 
definition of who is and is not Mhun - and non-Mhun, including
most Mhun who have spent any length of time outside Moghedu, are
not considered to fit that definition.

Moghedu, until recently, was situated in the Mhojave desert - but
the Great Mhunna, Nesventesh, assisted by the combined effort of 
Enorian and Duiran, and particularly the telepathic prowess of the 
Sentaari and Daru, saw sufficient to relocate the tunnels and 
structures to their present location. Previously under Bloodloch's 
thumb, the mines have declared themselves an independent political 
entity, under the High Priestess Layentesh.